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Name GTA Vice City
Publisher Arden Carleton
Category Action
Version v1.12
Size 7.3MB
Price Free
Requires 7.0 and up


One of the main entries of the GTA world, GTA: Vice City has gained a lot of popularity since its release in 2002. The game is popular among people worldwide because of its action and adventure nature and unique open world gameplay which means that a character can perform many actions and operations in a huge map area. There are different missions to be performed by the player and as one mission completes, new hurdles arise for him.


The story of this single player video game revolves around the idea of the real life gang system. The main character and a bandit, Tommy Vercetti, after being released from prison after a duration of fifteen years for being framed as a suspect for someone’s murder, has arrived at the Vice City and has been given the mission by his boss to strike a deal with a drug dealer. However, things don’t go according to their plan. During the exchange, they are ambushed which causes them to lose money, with Tommy and lawyer Ken Rosenberg barely saving their lives.

Hearing the news, his boss Sonny Forelli angrily orders him to get the money back but this isn’t something very easy to do. With the help of various friends and fellows, Tommy has set his mind to recover the loss and is ready to face all the upcoming challenges which also include taking revenge for his friends who lost their lives on this dangerous path. Now, it’s totally up to you how you make Tommy complete the missions.


The player’s on-screen representative, Tommy Vercetti, has to complete different missions. During the game he may perform various tasks like running, driving a car or earning money through various ways. Killing a character gives you all the belongings he or she has but since it’s the violation of law, you might get on the wanted list and have police members chase you and ultimately take you to prison where your mission fails. Stars on the screen show how much you are on the wanted list. Six blue stars are the worst case scenario where all the police cars and helicopters start to find you. In addition to this, the player can get different weapons like grenades, rifles, hammers and shotguns, either from Ammu-Nation shops or from dead members and also from free weapons on the ground. There are empty buildings in the map too where one can heal his character after being injured.


A large number of missions await you! These may be story, asset, racing, phone, stadium or off-road missions. Some of these are named as Sunshine Autos, An Old Friend, Kaufman Cabs, Viceport Boatyard, InterGlobal Studios, Avery’s Missions, Phil’s Place, Pole Position Club, Demolition Man, Gaurdian Angels, Four Iron, The Chase, Juan Cortez, Mall Shootout, Love Juice, Psycho Killer, Alloy wheels of steel, Publicity Tour, Stunt Boat Challenge, Cannon Fodder, Rub Out, Trojan voodoo, Supply and Demand, Treacherous Swine, Cop land, Bombs Away and other sparrow missions.


In addition to the above mentioned characters, there are many more members who are introduced as the game proceeds. A few of them are Earnest Kelly, Lance Vance, Steve Scott, Mercedes Cortex, Victor Vance, Reni Wassulmaeir, Mitch Baker, Marty Williams, Carl Johnson, BJ Smith, Gonzalez, Pastor Richards, Hilary King, Oliver Biscuit and Armando Mendez, Nick Kong, some of which face demise while some accompany us till the end.


To activate cheats, use the following codes:





Quick clock


Full health






Full armor


Pink cars


Slow down gameplay


Speed up gameplay


Lower wanted level to 0


Increase wanted level by 2


Spawn blood ring banger


Flying boats


Black cars




You can control your game as you want. Altering control options can also be done. Just go to the settings menu and open the control settings to change them if you want. This gives users ease to play and gives them the opportunity to play the game in a style that they like.


Such improved graphics and cinematic camera style are introduced which provides gamers with a real life experience. The tactile effects presented by Rockstar North gets one immersed enough to forget real life and the focus on the game is increased.


Play this sport as long and as much as you want! You can play this game for an indefinite period. It has many gameplay hours but even when the missions are completed or when you are not in the mood for some action, you can just enjoy leisure time on the beach or wherever you want.


This version of GTA gives us this feature in which we are able to lock up our targets and can do precise shootings. You don’t have to fire on masses to kill one single target. Instead, aiming correctly is what’s required to get your task done.


GTA Vice City is available in my different languages which include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish and Korean so country borders cannot keep you away from enjoying this game.


Tommy can voice his opinions and now has a stronger narrative role. He can show emotions and is also able to control his anger. The members no longer look passive in their actions. Characters are provided with such details that they no longer seem fictional.


This APK and OBB game file with a lot of exciting features including offline mode of the game is available on our page, free to download. Everything you need to know about this app has been mentioned above. Once you download it from GTA Genie, you may enjoy it as much as you want without worrying about your internet connection.


  • Go to your phone’s settings menu and allow files from unknown sources to be downloaded on your phone.
  • Open the downloads section and tap on the downloaded apk file to install it.
  • You can now enjoy playing the game. 

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Who is the main character in GTA Vice City?

Tommy Vercetti is the main character. He was a gangster before and was imprisoned for years after being charged for someone’s murder. After being released he has come back to Vice City and has dominated every street and town.

Who is the main villain in GTA Vice City?

Sonny Forelli, an old friend of Tommy and also his former boss, is the main villain in GTA Vice City who sent him to kill a person and apparently it turned into an ambush causing Tommy to go to the prison.

What happens at the end of the game?

In the very end, Tommy meets his enemy, Sonny Forelli and kills him taking revenge for what he did in the past years resulting in him spending his fifteen years of life in jail.

What GTA should I play first?

To enjoy all the Grand Theft Auto games and understand their story in order, the first game you should play is GTA Vice City, afterwards you can move on to San Andreas and GTA 3.

Who is the best GTA protagonist?

Among all GTAs, the protagonist in GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti, is the best as ranked by the people. He is a gangster too, but with a tragic past and surely knows how to take on those who hurt him and his friends.

Who is the oldest GTA character?

Michael De Santa, previously Michael Townley, is the oldest member of the GTA family and has a major role in the GTA entries, the GTA V.

How do I download GTA Vice City for free?

For android users, you can download the application online through a web site you trust. Apk soldier is providing you the facility to enjoy it without ads or bugs at absolutely no cost.

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