GTA 6 APK 2.2

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Name GTA 6
Publisher Arden Carleton
Category Action
Version 2.2
Size 27MB
Price Free
Requires Android 7.0+


The best thing about action games is that the difficulty level keeps on increasing as we gain more and more experience and a person gets to do things which he might not do in real life. This does not let us get bored even for a moment. Rockstar North excels in developing such games and hence has gifted us with yet another member of the GTA family, GTA 6. With improved skills and additional features, GTA 6 is soon going to be released in the market but the apk file is already available on our page for free. 


The storyline of GTA 6 revolves around the gang system between the 1980s and 1990s. Drug dealing is at its peak and drug dealers are ruling the state. There is nothing that they can’t control as they have unlimited weapons, uncountable money and indefinite land areas. The main characters themselves are gangsters and deal in drugs and the story proceeds with them making a lot of enemies who try to take them down. The protagonists seek revenge and a new distinct mission arises either because of a new enemy or to save a friend.  


An open world system with a very large land map has been included in the game with the user having free will to do anything which he likes. The player’s on-screen protagonist can walk, run, drive different cars, swim, complete missions and play games. He can kill people he dislikes but this action being unlawful can cause him to go to jail as police will put him on wanted list and start to chase him wherever he goes. Many different weapons are available which include a knife, different guns, shot guns, rifles, rocket launchers, fire launchers or if your target is weak you can beat him with your strong fist. 



GTA 6 consists of more than one lead just like in GTA 5 but something which should be strongly noticed is that this game has a female lead too and it is the first time Rockstar is introducing such a feature in its games. Now not only you will be able to choose a male protagonist but a female one too which means that you have a full right to choose which gender is it you want to play.  


Each of the protagonists has a unique personality, occupation and a different character role. The gamer can choose any of the characters according to his own will which means that you can watch and play the game from different perspectives and understand its story in a better way. 


GTA 6 has many different cars including some real models and you can change cars from time to time. Altering the available cars is also possible. You can snatch cars, which is also a crime, buy new ones or take a taxi from one place to another if you don’t have any other means to travel. 


Have complete control on your game. Control option is present in the settings menu of the game from where you can change the controls of the game. This provides users ease to play since they can use the keys they are already habitual of. 


GTA 6 gives you complete freedom of actions. Play the game in a style that you like. Want to play games in the game? Well sure go for playing tennis or darts or whatever you like. Also, you can go visit a beach or mountains or an old building – totally your choice! 


From a knife to a rocket launcher, a wide range of weapons is available. You can use your fist, simple gun, assault guns, grenades, shot gun, sticky bomb, jerry can, tear gas and many other weapons. All modern day ammunition is given which can be bought from stores, taken from other people or from ground. 


Cinematic camera, best graphics and sound has added more life to the game. Movie-like scenes between the missions and tactile visual effects makes one get lost inside the game and play it for hours. 


This app is so easy to use. Every query can be solved by going to the settings menu. Increase or decrease the sound level or change the control settings. The key is also given in the settings so you won’t find any difficulty in using the app.


This APK and OBB game file is available offline on our page. Everything you need to know about the game has been discussed above and since you have got all the information regarding GTA 6 and we are sure you are too excited to play it, then what are you waiting for! Avail the chance of playing this wonderful game and get immersed in the world of gangsters for free even if you have no internet connection. 


GTA 6 APK can be downloaded from our site which is completely safe but the above given site may or may not be 100% safe from viruses so we don’t guarantee the safety of it. Therefore it will be better if you are cautious while opening the link.


  •       Firstly, click on the download button given at the top of the page.  
  •       Go to your phone’s settings and allow files from unknown sources to be downloaded on your phone.   
  •       Open the downloads menu and tap on the downloaded apk file to install it.  
  •       Enjoy the best experience without bugs and ads! 

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What Android version should be required for this game?

GTA 6 will work on any android version which is greater than 4, so you don't have to worry about what model you have.

Is GTA 6 easy to play?

Yes, it is not difficult to play as the instructions manual is given in the game and you’ll be guided step by step for what to do at each stage.

Where can I download GTA 6 APK?

GTA 6 APK can be downloaded from multiple sites but make sure you download it from a site you trust. APK soldier is giving this application for free and is absolutely bug free.

Is there a GTA 6 beta?

At this moment there is no official beta available to anyone, but be sure that it will soon be available to everyone after GTA 6 is officially released.

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