GTA 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.00

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Name GTA 5
Publisher Arden Carleton
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 2.00
Size 2.60 GB
Price Free
Requires 4.4 & up

Download GTA 5 MOD APK (unlimited money), an open world game, From with fast downloading speed and no verification.

What is GTA 5 Mobile?

One more entry to the GTA world by RockStar North, Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is one of the most played action games worldwide. The main character, Trevor Philips, along with two other characters namely Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton are the three playable protagonists. Having dark pasts of being bank robbers or gangsters, these three protagonists are once again ready to commit heists in the city of Los Santos to get more money and gold.

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Storyline of Grand Theft Auto V APK

Michael, Trevor and their friend Brad Snider take part in a failed mission to rob a place and are afterwards considered dead by each other and other people. After a long period of nine years they happen to meet dramatically. Michael comes back to the scene by accidentally meeting another robber, Franklin Clinton, and later becoming friends with him. He finds out that his wife has been cheating him with a man named Martin Madrazo and furiously attacks that man’s mansion who turns out to be a drug dealer. Martin asks for compensation for his loss and to get money for this, Michael robs a bank with the help of one of his old hacker friends.

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The story of this great heist reaches everyone’s ears in the city and Trevor Philips hiding his identity appears out of nowhere knowing that this kind of crime could be done only by his friend. That’s the reunion of friends every fan has been waiting for, but the story doesn’t end here. After his family leaves him because of his character, Michael becomes a movie producer. At this position he takes on fights with many powerful people but he isn’t someone who sits still too. He seeks revenge on everybody who hurts him and now has made a lot of enemies.

Michael has been ordered by his superior, Steve Haines to team up with Trevor and Franklin to keep an eye on the International Affairs Agency from afar. They ambush a delivery for the agency and steal a chemical weapon from their lab and do their best to remove all kinds of evidence from the crime scene. The activities continue, putting them in difficulty at some stage and making them work separately later on. Despite this, these three remain friends for life.


GTA 5 has been introduced with many additions to it. Like other GTAs. You are free to roam around and do whatever you want. You can walk, run, drive a car or a tank at your choice. You can choose whether to be a normal good citizen or a murderer.

Gta 5 Mobile Apk

There are many weapons available including a very vast range of guns and you can use a knife or a grenade too. They can be taken from shops, dead fellow members or from ground, if available there. Killing someone unlawfully causes you to go to prison so you need to be careful in what actions you perform. A very important addition is the game graphics which are much more realistic than the previous games.

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This game has many missions so you never get bored of it. Some of the missions include Scouting the Port, Prologue, Franklin and Lamar, Repossession, Complications, Chop, Father/son, The ling stretch, Casing the jewel store, Carbine Rifles, The Jewel Store Job, Bugstars equipment, BZ gas grenades, Mr. Philips, Nervous Ron, Crystal maze, Dead man walking, Three’s company, By the book, Hood Safari, Scouting the port, Minisub, Cargobob, The hotel assassination, the multi target assassination, Boiler suits, Trash truck, Tow truck, Blitz play, Eye in the sky, Mr. Richards, Caida libre, Deep inside, Minor turbulence, Paleto Score Setup, Predator, Military Hardware, Derailed, Monkey business, Hang ten, Surveying the score, Bury the hatchet, Fresh meat, Cleaning out the bureau, Architect’s plans, Fire truck, The wrap up, Reuniting the family, Legal trouble, Lamar down, Meltdown, Planning the big score, Stingers, Gauntlet, Driller, Sidetracked, Something sensible, The time’s come and The third way.

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GTA 5 Characters name

In addition to the main characters, some other characters introduced in the game are Lamar Davis, Jimmy De Santa, Ron Jakowski, Amanda De Santa, Lester Crest, Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson, Devin Weston, Dom Beasley, Wade Hebert, Al Di Napoli, Tracey De Santa, Wei Cheng, Tommy Vercetti, Patrick McReary, Dave Norton, Simeon Yeterian, Molly Schultz, Abigail Mathers, Brother Adrian, Jackson Skinner, Patricia Madrazo, Marnie Allen, Avi Schwartzman, Claude, Poppy Mitchell, Johnny Klebitz, Brucie Kibbutz, Solomon Richards, Brad Snider, Gray Nicholson, Andy Whitford, Paige Harris and Baygor.


Some of the cheat codes used in the game are given below:

  •       Maximum Health & Armor: 1-999-887-853 (1-999-TURTLE)
  •       Weapons: 1-999-8665-87 (1-999-TOOL-UP)
  •       For Slippery Cars: 1-999-766-9329 (1-999-SNOWDAY)
  •       Explosive Ammo Rounds: 1-999-444-439 (1-999-HIGH-EX)
  •       Super Jump: 1-999-467-86-48 (1-999-HOP-TO-IT)
  •       Fast Running: 1-999-228-2463 (1-999-CATCH-ME)
  •       Fast Swim: 1-999-468-44557 (1-999-GOT-GILLS)
  •       Explosive Melee Attacks: 1-999-4684-2637 (1-999-HOT-HANDS)
  •       Change Weather: 1-999-625-348-7246 (1-999-MAKE-IT-RAIN)
  •       Parachute: 1-999-759-3483 (1-999-SKY-DIVE)



The best thing you will experience in this game is having the choice to choose one of the three protagonists whom you like. Each of them has a unique personality and a different character role in the game. This explains the game from different perspectives and helps understanding the story better. 


GTA 5 has very large landmass and very far off borders. The player is able to go anywhere he wants since there is no restriction. This map design is very different from that of the other games. We can explore the whole San Andreas with the help of our on-screen partner. Also Check Out Best Map Mods For GTA V.


GTA 5 is an open world game and gives you endless freedom to do anything which may include stealing or killing, hunting, playing tennis or darts, going to the movies or just stare at the beach view.


You can beat a game buddy by a fist, baseball bat, a knife or other weapons like AP and heavy pistols, Stun guns, assault shotguns, heavy and pump shotguns and many more. Grenades, tear gas, sticky bomb, jerry can, proximity mine, firework and rocket launchers can be used too.


Control your game as you want! Changing control options is also possible. Just go to the settings menu and open the control settings to change them if you desire. This gives users ease to play and gives them the opportunity to play the game in a style that they like.


Phenomenal graphics and classic camera style are introduced in GTA V which provides gamers a real life experience. The tactile effects presented by Rockstar North gets one involved enough in the game to forget the real life and thus the focus on it is increased.

Can You Play this game offline?

GTA V APK and OBB file with a lot of cool features including offline mode of the game is available on our page, free to download. The description about the game given above is enough to provide you an understanding of how it works and what is its storyline and gameplay. Once you download it from GTA Genie, you may enjoy it as much as you want without worrying about your internet connection.


  • Firstly, click on the download link given above this description.
  • Opening phone settings and allowing the files from unknown sources to be downloaded would be necessary to be able to download it.
  • Open the downloads folder and tap on the downloaded apk file to install it.
  • You can now enjoy playing the game.

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Is GTA 5 a true story?

No, although the makers have taken in consideration many real life events and places but still it is not completely a true story for it has fictional characters and some events too.

What is this game based on?

GTA 5 is basically an action-adventure game and consists of many missions which are to be completed by the protagonist with the help of his friends.

Where can I get GTA V APK and OBB file for free?

The APK and OBB file can be downloaded online from a web site that is trustworthy and bug-free. To get the best experience, download it from APK Soldier for free.

What is the GTA 5 money cheat code?

GTA 5 has cheats for almost everything but there is no cheat for unlimited money so you have to earn it yourself and also spend it wisely.

Who is the black guy in GTA?

The black guy in GTA is Mr. Trevor Philips. He is the main character in GTA 5 and a gangster who knows how to get his job done by any means.

What is so special about GTA 5?

The freedom given to a character to do whatever he pleases, one huge map and different kind of armor is what makes this game special for the users.

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