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Name grand theft auto v the manual
Publisher Arden Carleton
Category Action
Version 5.0.21
Size 204MB
Price Free
Requires 4.4 & up



In this option, you are given the controls layout. Front End Controls, General controls, in car, bike, boat controls, in aircraft, submersible controls, on foot controls, character switching, parachute controls, GTA Online Controls, Cell Phone Controls, weapon shortcuts, R* Editor: Direct Mode, R* Editor: Recording, R* Editor: Timeline, R* Editor: Clip Edit Mode, R* Editor: Edit free camera, R* Editor: Edit with Camera with Target and R* Editor: Edit Preset Camera are the options you can choose to get information here. 


If you want to get to know more about the following things, you can get all the information in the Game Features menu.

  • CHARACTER SWITCHING: You can choose between three protagonists- Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Their private lives are also discussed.
  • PLAYER STATS: Each player starts with different stats. The stats include special ability, stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, flying, driving and lung capacity.
  • SPECIAL ABILITIES: All three main characters have some special abilities which are explained in detail.
  • FIRST PERSON CAMERA: To see the world from first person perspective, press the V key. To exit this mode, press the V key again.
  • ROCKSTAR EDITOR: Rockstar Editor is described, in which you can create, edit and share videos of your GTA V and GTA Online.


 The Manual by Rockstar Games describes Los Santos City as the city full of ruthless people who are willing to do absolutely anything for wealth, fame and self improvement. Although the city Los Santos in the state of San Andreas is a heavenly place with a number of worth-seeing sights, this place gives its people complete freedom to do all kinds of things including illegal acts. In addition, information about car customization and vehicle ownership, boating and deep sea exploration, shooting ranges and weapon customization, entertainment in GTA V and economy including stock trading, robberies and heists is given.


A detailed map is provided in which locations for shopping, fun activities, entertainment, local services and landmarks are specified. Once you choose what you intend to find, zoom in to the map and all the places with their names start to show on the screen. 


Mr. Spoke Bike Rental, Smoke On The Water, Elitas Travel, Dr. Isiah Friedlander, Ink Inc., LTD Service Stations, Herr Kutz, Marlowe Vineyard, Lifeinvader, Los Santos Country Club, Bawsaq, Fabien Larouche Yoga, Legendary, Motorsport, Los Santos Customs, Warstock Cache and Carry, Animal Ark Pet Store, Ammu-nation, Cultstoppers, Visit Blaine County and CNT TV are the local sponsors and description is given about them.  


Social Club is introduced and its features are written. The features include exclusive unlocks, snapmatic photo sharing, career stat tracking and checklists, lifeinvader coupons, crews and overview of GTA Online Social Club.


GTA Online is introduced. You’ll be guided about getting started and told about the open-world crime and chaos nature of it. Topics like jobs, races, customization of characters, reputation and cash flow and other activities like golf, tennis, shooting range, stunt jumps, arm wrestling darts in GTA Online are also touched.


Credits to Rockstar North, Rockstar NYC, Rage Technology Group, Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar New England, Rockstar London, Rockstar Lincoln, and Art and Animation Services are given.


You are told about all the actual cast who rendered their services and voiced the in-game GTA characters. From Franklin Clinton to Zack Robidas, all characters have been given voices by actual people who are mentioned in the manual.


Many people have raised the question of the existence of GTA V’s manual. Was there really a need for this manual or is it just consuming device’s space? Well in some way there was not really a need for it since all the instructions are already available online on other sources. But many praise it too, as GTA V is a large game and covers in depth the aspects of geography and drama and hence has a need of a detailed manual.  


  1. To download the application, click on the download link given above. 
  2. Go to your phone’s  settings and allow files from unknown sources to be downloaded.
  3. Go to the downloads section and tap on the recently downloaded apk file to install it.
  4. After the installation is done, you can open the app and read the manual.

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