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Name Grand Theft Auto iFruit
Publisher Arden Carleton
Category Action
Size 21M
Price Free
Requires 4.3 and Above


Ifruit is the helper app for the Grand Theft Auto V game and also provides you the platform for social interaction. Get updated with all the news related to GTA V and take part in fun activities like playing games with Lamar’s dog, keep in touch with people in an interactive way and change settings for your GTA game. Further information about this app is given below.


Currently, ifruit app is available on the following platforms:

  • IOS
  • Windows 
  • Android
  • PS3 and PS4
  • XBOX


Once you have opened the ifruit app, login to the social club which connects you to your GTA 5 game and then the following features will appear on your screen:


Lamar has a dog named Chop who is looked after by Franklin. It is unlocked very early in the game and you can train him as Franklin. The way you take care of him changes his behavior in the GTA V game. A happiness meter is given on the left top corner which shows how satisfied the dog is. If you treat him well, he will be friendly to you and help you find different hidden objects by sniffing, and perform tricks such as sitting, begging and giving you his paw. You can feed him with food and different drinks. You can take him out for a walk and can change his Dog collar. A gold collar can be earned by getting gold medals in all three of the following games.

There are three minigames you can play in the given locations which are the park, street and at the beach. While in the park, Chop must take care of his bitch and keep other dogs away from her. At the street, Chop must keep the African gang members, known as Ballas, away from Franklin’s sport sedan, the Buffalo S. If in case, these gangsters gamage the car, your game fails. At the beach, Chop must rip off the bikinis of passer-by women and keep drunk men away from him.


Life invader is just like the GTA version of any other social media app like Facebook and Instagram. You can post on the feed as well as check out other people’s pictures and posts and other advertisements. You get connected with the people and can share your ideas about various topics too. Life invader can be opened through this app or from the life invader website.


You can customize your cars for any three of the GTA V protagonists. You can customize the engine, wheels, exhaust, respray, suspension, armor, horn, lights, tires and turbo. Speed, weight and handling levels for cars are shown under each of the protagonists’ names. Want a license plate on your name? Just change it from the customize option given below in the app. This allows the player to no longer start GTA V from where he has to customize his vehicle. Open the game, head to the garage and pick up your desired car! The player can add up to 30 cars with same license plates which means that a person is allowed to apply the same license plate to every vehicle in his garage.


Ifruit notifies you about all the news regarding GTA 5. Also, you will receive a notification when Chop gets hungry, thirsty or takes a dump so you’ll have to clean up the mess. All the updates are sent to you through notifications.


Settings option in the app assists you in changing the avatar and the platforms, sharing your status on facebook, and also altering the notification settings. It connects you directly to your social club. You can get answers to all your queries once you open the settings menu.


Some of the events of GTA V can be looked upon through this section of the application. It also gives you information about the characters in the game and also the radios used. It shows you the pictures and screenshots taken from the game.


It is simply the GTA store where you can buy GTA games, game posters, T-shirts made by Rockstar itself, some game products and also the products from other franchises of Rockstar Games.


Clicking on GTA 3 and Vice City will take you directly to the Store from where you can install these games on your device. Links to Life invader, Snapmatic, GTA V manual and store are also given which take you to site, RSSC photos page, manual app and the Game Store respectively.


To get the iFruit app to work, you will have to log in to the Social Club’s account first. If you still don’t have an account, sign up and make one. People who have an issue in logging in can go to the Rockstar helper site and post their problem. You can also ask for more login attempts from Rockstar.


Many people have been putting up complaints online about iFruit since 2021 because they have not been able to use its features properly. Though the developers have not given any official statement about why people are facing this issue, the general problems include bugs, errors and maintenance issues. So if your app is not working, consider the following solutions to fix the issue.

  • Update your ifruit app
  • Update your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall the app
  • Clear app cache
  • Make sure that the time and date given in your device are correct.
  • Check whether your internet is working properly or not.
  • If the app undergoes maintenance, wait for some time in case this might solve the issue.  


Ifruit also works on PC. If you want to download it on your PC, the steps given below may be helpful.

  1. Download an emulator like Bluestacks from official pages and install it.
  2. Launch the emulator and once launched, log in with your google account.
  3. At the home screen of Bluestacks, go to the Play Store and install the GTA iFruit app.
  4. Once it has been installed, you can open the application and enjoy.


Rockstar Games released iFruit for iOS at first. After much demand, it was released on Android devices in 2013. Android users have been able to install it from the Play Store since then. To download it on your android device, consider following steps:

  1. Click on the download link given above.
  2. Go to your phone’s settings and permit files from unknown sources to be downloaded on your phone.
  3. Once downloaded, click on the apk file and start the installation process.
  4. It will only take a few seconds after which you can use the app.

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