Where Is The Police Station In GTA 5?

Where is the Police Station in GTA 5?

Police Stations are a must to be located in every city, especially in the city which is recognised because of its criminal activities - that is - Los Santos. Police Stations are developed to stop illegal activities and make the world a fair and better place to live in. Just like our real world, many Police Stations are situated all over San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto 5. 

The police members can be seen roaming everywhere in the game and immediately put you on the wanted list in case of any wrong act done by you. However, some of the corrupt police officials are ready to take bribes, making your work easier for you, especially when you have become a VIP or a CEO in the game. The locations and information about all the stations located in San Andreas have been described below.

All GTA 5 Police Stations on the Map

Following is the list of all the Police Stations with their locations you can find on the San Andreas Map:

La Mesa Police Station

This Police Station is located at Popular Street in La Mesa, Los Santos in GTA 5. The station consists of one floor only and is highlighted because of its light blue colored rooftop. A ‘Police Department’ billboard can be seen in front of this area and many armed officials are guarding this place with weapons in their hands. In case you get caught doing any illegal activity near this area, you will be brought to this place by the Police members. 

Vespucci Police Station

As evident from its name, this police station is found in the Vespucci District in Los Santos. It is larger than the former one and has three floors. It resembles mostly the Santa Monica Public Safety Office in California. You can locate it easily as it is found near San Andreas Avenue and South Rockford Drive in San Andreas.

Beaver Bush Ranger Station

Beaver Bush Ranger Station controls its nearby parks and recreational areas. As the name suggests, it isn’t a police department and is handed over to the rangers, some of which keep an eye while standing inside this double story building while the others take a view from the outside. This station is situated in the Vinewood Hills in Los Santos, on BayTree Canyon Road and Marlowe Drive. 

Davis Sheriff's Station

This building can be found on the Innocence Boulevard street of Davis City, with many of the signs indicating that this department is a joint venture of both the Los Santos and the Davis cities. Their mission is to completely eradicate criminal practices from the area and just like other departments, you’ll be taken to this station in case you get busted somewhere near here.

Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station

It is located in Blaine County, Los Santos, near the Sandy Shores Medical Center. It only has a ground floor but this station consumes much more space than the others. There is armor present on its back, be sure to take it. 

Mission Row Police Station

It is the principal Police Station used in the game. If you want to set foot in a station in GTA 5, this is the one. It's a tall building which can easily be spotted from the Sinner Street in Mission Row in Los Santos. You can see many police cars and armed members patrolling outside the building. Majority of the criminal cases in the game are brought here.

Vinewood Police Station

It is a well-developed subdivision of the Los Santos Police Station. It exists in Downtown Vinewood in Los Santos city. A huge 'Vinewood Police Department' sign is shown on the entrance to spot it easily.

Vespucci Beach Police Station

A round building made mostly of glass, this police station is located on the Vespucci Beach, as can be clearly understood from its name. It can be considered the smallest police station in GTA 5 with respect to area, but it is no less than others in performing strict duties and clearing the city from the Mafia. 

Del Perro Police Station

It also has a small area just like the Vespucci Beach Police Station and is located near a recreational park on the Del Perro dock. It can be recognized for afar because of a massive yellow flag with a red sign reading "Obey and Survive" standing on its top. It mostly resembles the real life police station named Santa Monica in California.

Rockford Hills Police Station

This Los Santos police station can be found on the street named Eastbourne Way. Many police members can be seen guarding the area and you'll be taken to this station's jail in case you get arrested near this place.

Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office

Last but not the least, the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office is the home to many arrested criminals, with vehicles like Police cars and bikes, ambulances standing outside the building in case any inconvenience occurs. It is located at the place where the Paleto Boulevard and Route 1 both meet each other.

Police Station in GTA 5 that you can Enter

The only accessible Police Station in Grand Theft Auto 5 is the Mission Row Police Station and you can get in there either from the main door or climb through the roof. It is located between Sinner Street, Atlee Street, Vespucci Boulevard and Little Bighorn Avenue, in the Mission Row Area in Downtown Los Santos. This station shows the maximum criminal activity going outside the building and you can also see the police chasing the runaway prisoners. 

Which Police Station has a Helicopter on its Roof in GTA 5?

A chopper helicopter normally stands on the rooftop of the Vinewood Police Station which is located in Downtown Vinewood, near Vinewood Boulevard and Elgin Avenue in Los Santos city. This place is shown in the asset recovery and the Cayo Perico Heist missions.

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