When Is The Next Update For GTA 5?

When is the next update for GTA 5?

Many gamers wonder about the next update for GTA 5 since Rockstar has not given us a date yet. However, according to some reports, the next GTA 5 update is expected to come in any of the three months, which are May, June and July. To be more precise, we are most probably going to get the update for GTA 5 in the last week of June this year. 

In addition, there are chances that Rockstar is working on adding new cars in the game and also modifying the previous cars from Hao’s Special Works, and PC users might also get the features to enjoy these cars in the upcoming update as it is expected to be huge and will contain a lot of awesome features for the GTA 5 fans.

Other recent updates for GTA 5

Some of the other recent updates in GTA 5 and GTA Online are:

The Contract update

The Contract update is the latest one GTA Online users got and it was released on 15th of December, in 2021. This update brought the following changes to GTA Online; addition of agencies for the players to buy, addition of an armory - a storage and modification room for weapons, introduction to jobs given by Franklin Clinton, a total of 17 new vehicles are made part of the game, and addition of some other features.  

Los Santos Tuners update

Los Santos Tuners update was released for Grand Theft Auto Online on 20th of July, in 2021. It was released a few months before the Contract update and brought about the following new features to the game: Los Santos Car Meet takes place, addition of new shops, street races and radio stations, addition of new characters and amazing vehicles, introduction of another vehicle modification workshop, modification of characters can be done, and some other interesting characteristics have been introduced.  

The Cayo Perico Heist update

The Cayo Perico Heist update was released on 15th of December, in 2020, for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. It is the third last update GTA Online has gotten until now. It has introduced following things to the game: new hidden packages were added to GTA 5 Online, a number of stunt races were introduced for adding more excitement to the game, some survivals and new characters were made part of this sport, some radio stations, new vehicles, weapons, and many other items were introduced as a result of the Cayo Perico Heist.

Los Santos Summer Special update

The Los Santos Summer Special Update was introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online on the 11th of August, in 2020. It is the first update to be released in 2020 and has provided us with the following new features to check in the game: introduction of new Yacht missions, addition of more collectibles, characters, vehicles, and some other important items. Players can now use all these things due to this special update and enjoy GTA Online even more.  

The Diamond Casino Heist update

The Diamond Casino Heist update was introduced for Grand Theft Auto Online players on the 12th of December, in 2019. This update is the one that came before Los Santos Summer Special update and is the last one to be released in 2019. The addition of Diamond Casino Heist, new jobs and properties, new contact missions, more characters, more clothes and actions for character customization, weapons, collectibles, many vehicles, and a new radio station named iFruit Radio are the things we got in this update.  

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