What Happens When You Kill Trevor In GTA V

What happens when you kill Trevor in GTA V

While playing GTA 5 there are 83 available story missions which are to be necessarily completed by the players. You have to complete all 82 missions to reach the last mission. In last mission when you enter it, you are having three options which are 

  • Kill Trevor 
  • Kill Michael 
  • Deathwish 

Every option you will choose has its own endings, different endings of the story which was carried all along. So, if you want to experience all the endings of all three missions, better save the game before choosing your mission among these three given above. Now let's talk about what will be the ending of the mission ‘Kill Trevor’.

As you choose the mission in which Trevor is being killed, a new mission starts which is called “Something Sensible”. Now what happens in this mission is that Franklin makes a plan to kill Trevor and calls Trevor to meet him in the oil field at a certain place. Franklin’s plan at first is to kill him by stabbing him in the back in the oil field as he reaches there. 

Firstly, Trevor will not be knowing about any of Franklin’s planning, and as the tension in the air would also be enough for suffocating him, he won't notice anything. As Trevor will reach the Oil Field, Franklin will draw out his gun, and at that point Trevor will finally get to know that he is getting betrayed by his old friend, Franklin. Trevor after knowing that he is getting betrayed will start running towards the field and Franklin will of course follow him so that he can kill him.

Then they both will end up in the Oil field again, where Trevor will perform his own task given to him which was to kill Michael. Trevor will knock Michael down and now Franklin will be having two options one to kill Trevor, second to let Michael perform this task for him. Somehow whatever Franklin will choose from these two options Trevor will die in either case.

What happens when Trevor dies? When Trevor is dead, the player, one playing GTA V will not be able to play GTA V with Trevor and as he is dead all his assets will be gone. Everything belonging to him will vanish and end. All the side missions will be gone in which he’s featured as the main playable character. Nothing will be left behind.

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