What Happens If You Kill Michael In GTA 5?

What happens if you kill Michael in GTA 5?

While playing GTA 5 there are 83 available story missions in GTA 5. You have to complete all the 82 missions in order to reach the last one. In the last mission of the game, soon after entering, you are given three options which are 

  • Kill Trevor 
  • Kill Michael 
  • Deathwish 

Every option you will choose has its own endings, different endings of the story which was carried all along. So, if you want to experience all the endings of all three missions, better save the game before choosing your mission among these three given above.

In this very article, we’ll be discussing if you choose to kill Michael in the game. After you have chosen to kill Michael in GTA 5 you will experience the meeting of both the main players and Franklin is very well ambitioned on his job, which is to kill Michael De Santa, his old friend. Franklin and Michael start a discussion which results in such a way that Michael realizes that Franklin was sent to kill him and he gets in a hurry and thinks of ways to save himself. 

Now that Michael knows the true intentions of Franklin towards him, he gets in a hurry and decides to run away. Michael gets into his car and so does Franklin and he starts chasing Michael so that he can successfully complete the mission given to him by the boss. After some time of chasing, they reach a power station, where they confront each other. Leaving their cars, they start to run on foot and Michael surely leads in order to save his life. 

After a long chase, Both Michael and Franklin arrive at a tall chimney where Franklin tackles Michael. They start to fight near a tall chimney and continue to fight till Franklin punches Michael on the face, which causes Michael to fall over the railing. Michael gets stuck to the railing for a while and can be saved. Here, Franklin has a choice whether to save him or to let him fall down the railing and die. But the unfortunate event is, whatever choice Franklin makes, Michael falls to death in that very scene.

 In the concluding scenes, Franklin calls his boss Lamar asking for assistance in order to cover up all the things, dead body and other related stuff, and in this way the game ends.

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