What Happens If You Kill Franklin In GTA 5?

What happens if you kill Franklin in GTA 5?

The very simple answer to this question is that it is simply not possible for any player in Grand Theft Auto 5 to kill Franklin. As we all know that there are three playable characters in the game, which are Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. After you complete all the necessary missions in the game, the ending mission involves a very tragic turn. The players are able to either kill Trevor or Michael, or should go for choosing the third option - which is - the Deathwish. Let us have a look at each of the three endings that can take place in GTA V.

Possible endings to GTA 5

Kill Michael De Santa

Killing Michael is not a very good idea since the players have a lot of good memories with him and killing him will only add to the regrets of the players. However, when a player chooses this option, he goes to kill Michael, but he recognizes it before the player does anything. Michael runs to save his life, and both the characters running, reach all the way at the top of the tower. There, Franklin pushes him from the top, and at the last moment holds him. 

Now, it is up to the player if he wants to save him from there or just let him fall. Either way, Michael will fall from there, resulting in his death. After this mission ends in such a way, the player won’t be able to play as Michael anymore. Also, Trevor won’t trust Michael as he now has killed his long-time friend and teacher Michael.

Kill Trevor Philips

If the player chooses this option, a mission named Something Sensible will begin in which Franklin now has to kill Trevor. For this, Franklin will plan to call him at the oil field and then kill him there. At first, Trevor will have no idea what will be going on, until Franklin pulls out his gun. There Trevor will realize about the on goings and he will try to run. Trevor will beat Michael and hence now it’s up to Franklin whether he kills Trevor himself or asks Michael to do this task for him. 

Either way, Trevor will be killed in the end and now the player won’t be able to play as Trevor in any of the game’s missions. Also, Franklin and Michael won’t remain friends since they will not be able to regain the trust between them after what they will experience.

Choose Deathwish

This is the best option to choose for Franklin so far. In this way, none of the main characters will die and they will be given different tasks after completing of which all three of them will continue their criminal lives and live their happy lives, having complete trust on each other, unlike in the case of the other two options.

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