Watch Dogs Vs GTA 5

Watch Dogs vs GTA 5

Difference between Watch Dogs and GTA 5

Both Watch Dogs and GTA 5 are open world games having large maps and complete liberty given to the players in their actions, as they don’t have to care about what they do in their lives; performing legal or illegal actions is no more a problem here. Both the games have extraordinarily good and exciting features making the gamers want to play them both. However, the main question arises, which game out of these two is better than the other? Most believe that GTA 5 is better than Watch Dogs, but some have opposite opinions too. Here is the complete detailed difference between the two.

Map Area

Watch Dogs has shown a very detailed and realistic map with all the places necessary for an open world game. The game, when run on PS4, shows an extremely realistic world with actual shadow effects and defined boundaries for each building and other objects. The sky shows its mesmerizing beauty and the sunshine adds more to it. However, when it comes to the vastness of the map area, GTA 5 is far more vast than the Watch Dogs. The size of Los Santos is much bigger than that of Watch Dogs’ map and hence GTA 5 introduces more complexity in its map - on the land, in the sea, and even on mountains and the sky.

Non-Playable Characters

Both these games depict a busy city, where you can see pedestrians walking to their way home or work, doing shopping and many other things. The thing is, one can not talk with all the Non-Playable Characters or do much dealing with them. Watch Dogs has introduced a super feature in which the players can hack the phones of pedestrians, and hence can get all the information regarding their personal and work lives, and what they are up to. GTA 5, on the other hand, lacks this major thing and the players can not simply hack others’ devices. The other details about these NPCs, however, can be found very similar in both GTA 5 and Watch Dogs. 


Both GTA V and Watch Dogs are open world action-adventure games making the players get immersed in the world of criminals. While many of the aspects shown by these two are very similar, there are slight differences which should be noted. Stealing, driving and performing other activities can be done in both the games, but when it comes to hacking your enemies, GTA 5 can not match Watch Dogs. However, the fighting techniques and other weapons used including the armored cars are the plus points of GTA 5.

Overall Storyline

The story of GTA 5 and Watch Dogs revolves around the idea of a criminal empire which has taken into its control the whole of the city. The story is divided into several missions, which are arranged in a specific manner. In other words, a mission accomplished opens the doors to a new mission and results in proceeding the story. The last or final mission puts the story to an end or stops at a certain point, making it continue from the next part of the game. However, GTA 5 has a long story background starting from the very first GTA game and coming up to here, which is not possible for many other games. Moreover, the revealing of story after every ending mission of GTA 5 is done in a better way than that of Watch Dogs.

Cars and Motorcycles

The comparison is tough when it comes to the vehicles in both these games. When talking about Watch Dogs, the cars and motorcycles featured in it are inspired from the real life vehicles and show extraordinary performance. Moreover, their grip over the surface is better than those of GTA 5 in most cases, however, GTA 5 can not lose to any game easily when it comes to its cars. The game has worked greatly over these objects and consists of a large number of different reality-based fictional and fantasy cars. For someone who has played both these games, the cars of GTA 5 are found to be more appealing because of their unique and verified characteristics.

Online Multiplayer

An offline game is all fun and cool until one has completed all the missions and explored all the places in the map. Imagine how boring it would get to play the same things again and again. Watch Dogs is an offline game and entertains the players to its fullest but it can not compare with the Online multiplayer mode of GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto V not only has a story mode, but an offline multiplayer too, which allows multiple players to play with each other at a time. GTA Online has different additions as compared to the actual game which may be new challenges, cars and other stuff, which is a must-try game and hundred percent recommended for all players.  

Crime and Law

We all know that both these open world games have a concept of cops chasing the players everytime after they do any illegal work, however there is a slight change in the mechanism about how the Police Department works in both of them. For example, when the police start chasing you in GTA 5, you have to dodge them for a minute or two to get rid of your wanted level, but that’s not the case in Watch Dogs. Here, one can fool the cops very easily, taking some sudden turns and boom - your wanted level is gone! The other things about the cops and criminal relationship is nearly the same in these two games.

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