Vapid Dominator ASP

Vapid Dominator ASP

Vapid Dominator GTA Online

Vapid Dominator ASP is a muscle car which makes its appearance in the Grand Theft Auto Online game, allowing two people to ride it at a time. The car shows very good performance as it has a speed much better than many other muscle cars in GTA Online. The acceleration is quite good too, and the car does not skid anywhere easily as it has excellent grip. However, the braking mechanism of Vapid Dominator is undoubtedly a failure which makes the players drive this vehicle very carefully in order not to bump into anyone else.

How fast is Vapid Dominator ASP fully upgraded?

The fully upgraded version of Vapid Dominator ASP runs as fast as 119.00 mph or 191.51 km/h, as analyzed by various gamers. This is not a bad figure when we come to look at the speeds of other muscle cars in the game. This is the reason Vapid Dominator ASF can be used in street races and is able to be used at places where good speed is required; the car surely does not let you get busted if you are being chased by the cops.

How much does the Vapid Dominator ASP cost?

Vapid Dominator ASP can be purchased from the Southern S.A. Super Autos online store and it comes with a price of $1,775,000. Upon its purchase, one can have it delivered at his desired place and since it is a civilian vehicle, it can be stored in any of your owned places as a personal vehicle. The resale price of $1,065,000 is set for the Vapid Dominator ASP muscle car, which is exactly sixty percent of the original cost with which you bought it.

How do I upgrade my Vapid Dominator ASP?

Upgrading a vehicle modifies its features and makes it much better for regular use. In the case of Vapid Dominator ASP, it can be customized at Los Santos Customs and LS Car Meet Mod Shop. The customization options you’ll receive for this car are armor, brakes, bumpers, fenders, engines, exhausts, explosives, interior, hoods, horns, louvers, roofs, mirrors, respray, plates, suspension, sunstrips, spoilers, windows, turbo, wheels and trunks.

What car is the Vapid Dominator ASP in real life?

Vapid Dominator has many similarities with the real life Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R car as is clearly inspired from it. Both these vehicles are very alike in their body structure and performance. However, differences in their speeds and some other features can be seen, which must be the result of the huge difference between the real and the GTA world.

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