Tempesta GTA

Tempesta GTA

Pegassi Tempesta is a supercar which makes its appearance in the Grand Theft Auto Online game and is available for civilian use. When it comes to performance, the Tempesta is surely one of the best performing cars in the game. The car possesses very good speed and shows excellent acceleration. It has a light-weight body which helps it in achieving more pace and taking swift turns. It is resistant to a little damage like many other cars, but greater injuries can damage it.

Is the Tempesta fast?

To dodge your enemies, reach your destination in time, get rid of the police and many other tasks, the main thing that you need is fast speed and one can not easily get any faster vehicle than the Pegassi Tempesta in Grand Theft Auto 5. This supercar holds a record speed of 121.25 mph or 195.13 km/h and is more swift than many other vehicles in the game. That is the reason Pegassi Tempesta is used mostly in car races and if the driver is skilled enough, this vehicle makes sure you win in every aspect in the game.

What car is the Tempesta in real life?

The supercar Pegassi Tempesta has the most similarities with the real life Lamborghini Huracán car. Lamborghini Huracán runs at a rapid speed of 204 mph which is far greater than the Tempesta, but both the vehicles are equally good in their respective worlds. Based heavily on this vehicle, Pegassi Tempesta shows unique characteristics and is considered one of the best cars you'll be able to drive in all the GTA games.

How much is the Tempesta in GTA Online?

There are many cars which are not worth their price tag, but Pegassi Tempesta is surely one of a kind coming in at just $1,329,000. In case you are willing to explore the whole world of San Andreas and all the vehicles present in it, we’d recommend you to go for riding the Pegassi Tempesta before purchasing the more expensive vehicles like Pegassi Reaper, Vacca, Truffade Thrax, and the Imponte Ruiner 2000. The car can be resold at a price of $797,400.

Pegassi Tempesta customization GTA Online

Pegassi Tempesta can be customized from the Los Santos and when you go there for customisation of this vehicle, you get the options to modify armor, brakes, bumpers, exhausts, hoods, engine, explosives, chassis, horns, lights, roofs, respray, plates, spoilers, transmission, wheels, turbo, and windows. Customizing a vehicle can cost a lot of money but the new and modified vehicle you get is surely worth all the dollars spent on it.

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