Signal Jammers GTA 5

Signal Jammers GTA 5

As we already know, there are items called collectibles that are hidden all around Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 and are to be collected by the players in order to achieve 100% game completion. Signal jammers are also the hidden collectible and there are a total 50 of them in the game. The players are instructed to destroy all these jammers and are given rewards in return. The locations of all of these items and their usage in the game have been mentioned below.

Signal Jammers location GTA 5

The location of all 50 signal jammers in GTA 5 are:

Signal Jammer 1

Control Tower at LSIA.

Signal Jammer 2

At Maze Bank Arena.

Signal Jammer 3 

Near the Ocean Motion container ship.

Signal Jammer 4

At St. Fiacre Hospital in El Burro Heights, San Andreas.

Signal Jammer 5

Near the Central Los Santos Medical Center.

Signal Jammer 6

At Arcadius Business Center, on the antenna.

Signal Jammer 7

Near the Ferris Whale in the Pleasure Pier amusement park.

Signal Jammer 8

At the top of the Elgin House building.

Signal Jammer 9

At the top of a yellow crane in West Vinewood.

Signal Jammer 10

At the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.

Signal Jammer 11

In the Vinewood Bowl in Vinewood Hills, San Andreas.

Signal Jammer 12

At the NOOSE Headquarters.

Signal Jammer 13

At the largest chimney of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station facility.

Signal Jammer 14

At Stoner Cement Works building.

Signal Jammer 15

On the sculpture near the Galileo Observatory.

Signal Jammer 16

On the bridge which passes through the Great Ocean Highway.

Signal Jammer 17

Near the Hill Valley Church.

Signal Jammer 18

Near the antenna close to the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Signal Jammer 19

At the Humane Labs and Research, on the white pipe.

Signal Jammer 20

At the broadcasting tower in Sandy Shores.

Signal Jammer 21

At the peak of Mount Chiliad.

Signal Jammer 22

In a house in El Gordo Lighthouse settlement.

Signal Jammer 23

At the Up-n-Atom Burger restaurant, on the rocket.

Signal Jammer 24

At the Raton Canyon Bridge.

Signal Jammer 25

At the Hookies restaurant in North Chumash.

Signal Jammer 26

At Miriam Turner Overpass.

Signal Jammer 27

At the rooftop of Los Santos State Gas Company.

Signal Jammer 28

On a silo in southeastern Murrieta Oil Field.

Signal Jammer 29

At a bulletin board on Popular Street.

Signal Jammer 30

On the Fame or Shame advertisement in Pillbox Hill, where there is a Hookah Palace sign.

Signal Jammer 31

At the Vespucci Helipad on Shank Street.

Signal Jammer 32

On the clock of the Clock Tower Building.

Signal Jammer 33

At the front of the Richman Hotel .

Signal Jammer 34

At the top of the Rockford Hills City Hall.

Signal Jammer 35

At the Badger Building, on the antenna.

Signal Jammer 36

At the Land Act Dam in San Andreas.

Signal Jammer 37

At the Bishop's Chicken fast-food restaurant.

Signal Jammer 38

On a wind turbine near the RON Alternates Wind Farm.

Signal Jammer 39

Near the Vinewood Sign on Mount Haan Drive, at an antenna.

Signal Jammer 40

Near the Kortz Center.

Signal Jammer 41

At the rooftop of the building in the Marlowe Vineyards.

Signal Jammer 42

On the broadcasting tower in Grand Senora Desert.

Signal Jammer 43

In the You Tool store on Senora Freeway.

Signal Jammer 44

Above the Union Grain Supply Inc. storage silos.

Signal Jammer 45

At a dock near the Alamo Sea.

Signal Jammer 46

At the top of a LSDWP water tower.

Signal Jammer 47

At the top of Mount Gordo.

Signal Jammer 48

At a building in the Clucking Bell Farms facility.

Signal Jammer 49

Near the Altruist Camp, above the radio tower.

Signal Jammer 50

At the control tower in Fort Zancudo. 

What does signal jammer do in GTA?

Signal Jammers are the collectibles that players have to collect in the game and in return they will get $2000 and a bonus of 1000 RP per every single jammer they find in GTA 5. Actually, these collectibles are to be destroyed in order for them to be marked as collected. After all of them have been collected, a crew member who is going to take part in the Diamond Casino Heist gets unlocked.

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