Ryder GTA San Andreas

Ryder GTA San Andreas

Born in Los Santos, Lance Wilson also known as Ryder, is a very good friend of both Sweet and Carl Johnson. He was a gangster by nature from the start and has been shown as a proper drug addict in the GTA San Andreas game. Being CJ's homie, Ryder gives him several missions in the very start of the game.

However, he betrays the Grove Street Families as the story proceeds and has been given the basic role of a tertiary antagonist in the game. The character has been voiced by MC Eiht, a rapper from the group CMW and bestowed with a strong part in GTA San Andreas.

Why did Ryder betray Carl Johnson?

Unlike Big Smoke, Ryder had shown almost no signs of being a traitor in GTA San Andreas and many gamers find this mid-game revelation of truth very shocking. No logical explanation behind this move from Rockstar has been provided. Many suggest that the Ryder may be a betrayer from the start as he had multiple fights with CJ and can be possibly involved in his mother’s murder too.

Although this justification doesn't seem tangible too, one mind doesn't get to understand the true reason behind these appalling events because he actively tried to help Grove Street Families from the start and most of his missions benefited GSF instead of the Ballas with whom he really sided with.

Many people believe that the true fact behind this story is that there was an argument with the actor who voiced Ryder because he suddenly was given less screen time later and the game and his dialogues included those which were already recorded. To sum up, there can be two reasons behind Lance or Ryder's betrayal, with one being the fact that he had lots of arguments with CJ in the game and the other reason referring to the game's development issues .

Is Ryder meant to be Eazy-E?

Ryder's looks mostly seem similar to those of Eazy-E or Eric Lynn Wright who was an American rapper from the group N.W.A. and died at an early age with a suggested cause of Pneumonia induced by AIDS.

Although it has not been officially confirmed by the game makers, one can tell by looking at them that they sure have a connection. The personality, looks and clothing of Lance Wilson are all similar to Eazy-E and also many other game members are based on actual people, so your suspicion might be true.

Was Ryder supposed to betray?

There are two schools of thought giving an answer to this question. First explanation says that Ryder was actually meant to betray Carl Johnson because his suspicious actions in the game suggest so. He barely gets along with CJ and has many arguments with him over various topics. He is also included in the main suspects for the murder of CJ’s mother. If not for him, she would have still been alive and ultimately Carl wouldn’t have to leave the city at the very first place. He could have the same reason for betrayal just like Big Smoke had.

Second explanatory answer suggests that Lance’s betrayal wasn’t planned at all. It was a turn in events that led to this stage in the game. The actor who voiced Lance Wilson in Grand Theft Auto reportedly had an argument with the game developers and left his work midway. That is the reason Ryder has been given less screen time after he gets revealed as a traitor. In addition, CJ never mentioned him as a bad guy, he only was mad at Big Smoke for his betrayal all along.

Ryder GTA San Andreas Death

Ryder gets killed by Carl Johnson in GTA San Andreas for betraying the Grove Street Families, joining hands with the Ballas and leaking GSF’s secret information to his new party. After the protagonist gets to know about Ryder's true face, he warns Ryder that soon he’ll take revenge from the traitor for his betrayal. CJ being someone who fulfills his promises and surely a man who should not be messed with, kills the antagonist in the mission ‘Pier 69’.

As you have the control over Carl Johnson in GTA San Andreas, you will be given the mission to murder Ryder. For this, you have to shoot him dead and in case you don’t have a sniper, jump into the water and chase him down. He hops into a boat and so you have to get into another. As soon as you get closer to him, start firing on his boat until it explodes and your mission is complete!

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