RDR2 vs GTA 5

Comparison between RDR2 and GTA 5

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 are well-known games everybody must have heard about. Both games are based on open world gameplay and follow the action and adventure genre. However, there are many distinct features which can be found in only one of them, either GTA 5 or RDR2. Now the question arises, which one of these two games performs better than the other. The answer to this question is uncertain because both have been developed very well, but we have provided here a detailed comparison between the features of both of them.


Each of these games is bestowed with extremely exciting missions, which are full of action and thrill. The main or story missions are given in a specific order and completing the first one unlocks the other. This is because as the missions get to a higher level, the story proceeds. The whole game story is hence described in the form of some missions and some cut-scene between them. However, some side missions or quests are a part of these games too. Side missions in GTA 5 are well-explained but are not given a detailed background like that in the case of RDR2. The side missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 know very well how to offer the players a bigger platform to fight the villains. 


Both the games consist of unique storylines. GTA 5 has been set in the state of San Andreas, mainly based on the city of Los Santos, which has been inspired from a real life city from the USA, Los Angeles. The story revolves around the mafia world, depicting three main playable characters named Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton, who are stuck in their criminal lives, and now opt to become powerful and take revenge on all those who hurt them. 

On the other hand, the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 revolves around only a single main playable character named Arthur Morgan, who has to perform various illegal activities in order to survive in the cruel world of America from 1899. Here he is tested through various difficulties which, with the help of players, can be overcome easily. It can be said that RDR2 has a better background story than GTA 5 and is better in this aspect.


If we talk about the graphics of both games, Read Dead Redemption 2 will definitely win. It may be because of the reason that this game is given an advantage of a much later release back in 2018, however, the other one got released in 2013. This huge year gap resulted in far more realistic graphics of RDR2. GTA 5’s graphics also got improved from time to time as it was introduced to different consoles and PS5 and Xbox X/S are the latest ones. Still, the graphics of this game do not match the level of those of RDR2.

Game Characters

When the game characters are taken into consideration, a very clear cut conclusion is obtained. Anyone who has played both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 and observed their characters carefully, would know that GTA 5’s characters do not look very realistic although they are inspired from real life personalities. They may have given human-like characteristics, but can be easily classified as fictional beings from their looks. On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 makers have put their utmost effort into developing their game characters. These main and side characters and pedestrians are built in such a way which is enough to deceive people into thinking that they are real.

Online Multiplayer

Both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 have an online multiplayer version which is much more interesting, as the players can get bored of playing the story mode again and again. The benefit of having an online multiplayer is that the players can get to play with their friends and hence enjoy the game in a better way. Red Dead Online is developed in the same way, but it does not have many additional features like that of GTA Online. GTA Online is more vast and introduces more complex challenges, so it is better than the on;line version of RDR2.

Overall Gameplay

There are some differences in the gameplay style of RDR2 from that of GTA 5. One case is the mode of travel of these games. While GTA 5 focuses mainly on the cars and other vehicles in the game, RDR2 has introduced horses to ride on in addition to different vehicles, which can not be done in GTA 5. The reward given by GTA 5 to players after mission completion is more than that of RDR2. On the other hand, the music that RDR2 offers is better than the music of the GTA 5 game. Also, the Red Dead Redemption 2 game is so developed that the players get involved in it easily as compared to GTA 5.

Vehicles and Weapons

Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V are no match to any other game. So much work has been done on the cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in the game so far that each and every vehicle of use is present there, either it is a dirtbike, an off-road car, a helicopter or a submarine. RDR2, on the other hand, does not contain this much variety of vehicles. Same is the case with weapons in both these games. RDR2 contains different kinds of pistols and other weapons, but GTA 5 is far ahead of it when it comes to weapons as it has a variety of miniguns, pistols, grenades, and even rocket launchers.

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