Ocelot Pariah

Ocelot Pariah

Ocelot Pariah is the all time favorite car of many and any GTA Online player must know about it easily. It shows very good performance and is one of the fastest sports cars in the game. It has a very high top speed and is used at places where no other car survives. The acceleration shown by Ocelot Pariah is great and it shows good handling too. However, it might act strange if not handled with care, like while riding on an uneven road or while making sudden turns.. The overall performance is very good and buying it is surely recommended by us.

Ocelot Pariah real life

A very well-known car in GTA Online, Ocelot Pariah, is based on two real life vehicles, the  Aston Martin V12 Zagato and Ferrari 812 Superfast. Both the real life and fictional cars are very similar when it comes to their physical appearance, and their working too. However their speed differs a bit. The top speed recorded of the Aston Martin V12 Zagato is nearly 190 mph, however Ocelot Pariah runs at its highest speed of 136 mph which is very less. This difference is mainly because of their different worlds and is not a big problem as both are made to benefit us.

Ocelot Pariah top speed

The highest speed of the Ocelot Pariah  car in GTA 5 has been precisely recorded by various gamers and it is 136 mph mph or 218.87 km/h which is no less than many other sports cars. It is the reason that Ocelot Pariah is often seen being driven during street races in Los Santos in GTA 5. The speed of Ocelot Pariah can be increased even more if you take it for customization in the Los Santos Customs. It will consume money, but will get your car excellent features.

Ocelot Pariah price

The price tag on Ocelot Pariah is not too much in Grand Theft Auto Online and hence you can buy this vehicle for only $1,420,000. To get it in the GTA Online game, one can purchase the car from the Legendary Motorsport business. It can be parked in any of your owned garages and even get it delivered at your own house after buying it. Take it from your place whenever you wish to drive it. The resale price of Ocelot Pariah is $852,000 which is less than the original price of this vehicle.

Ocelot Pariah GTA Online modifications

You can customize the Ocelot Pariah car in GTA Online from the Los Santos Customs department. As soon as you request customization, you will get the following options: armor, brakes, bumpers, hoods, explosives, engines, livery, lights, horns, repray, roofs, spoilers, sell skirts, turbo, wheels, windows, transmission, and suspension. You can change whatever thing you like by paying money.

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