Most Interesting NPCs In GTA San Andreas

Most Interesting NPCs in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas NPCs

Each GTA game has been bestowed with non-playable characters in addition to the main and side characters of these games. These NPCs are called the pedestrians in the city and are necessary to give the games a realistic look. However, in the case of GTA San Andreas, the pedestrians are not designed to just please us from afar. In fact, these NPCs are so interesting that they have become a part of our game live. This article consists of the most interesting NPCs in the GTA San Andreas game.

Top 4 most interesting NPCs in GTA San Andreas

The top attractive and fun pedestrians in GTA San Andreas are:

GSF gang members

Grove Street Families is the major gang Carl Johnson belonged to in the start of the story, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the main character had to make his own criminal empire. However, the Grove Street Families gang members are still present and can be called for help by the players during some missions. Although some betrayed Carl Johnson by siding with Big Smoke, many of them have helped CJ get through his thick and thin. These gang members are some of the unforgettable NPCs you will ever encounter in GTA San Andreas.


Pr*stitutes are always fun in such games for most of the players and GTA never fails to introduce them in their games. These can also be found around the city in GTA San Andreas in all the three cities. A cheat code has also been introduced which converts all the near-by women into pr*ostitutes. There are certain locations where they can be found and are mostly seen at late night times. Carl Johnson can have fun with these NPCs in the game and these are liked by many of the GTA players.

Crack Dealers

Crack dealers are basically the crack cocaine dealer pedestrians in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. These can be seen after Carl Johnson maes a drug deal with Ryder in the game. These NPCs are wandering all around the three cities and always possess weapons for their defense. Once you make CJ approach these dealers, he will offer to sell you cocaine and it is your choice whether to accept the deal or not, but in most of the cases, CJ will buy those drugs because the dealers can start shooting you if you decline their request. These NPCs really have built their own identity and hold much importance in the game.

Police Officers

The police in GTA are not new to any of us. There are police departments in the city with cops and police cars wandering around the city for security purposes. Any illegal work, and you will get one or more wanted stars, which means that the cops will start chasing you. However, getting rid of these NPCs is not a problem as there are cheat codes developed for this purpose and a layer should dodge them for a couple of in-game minutes to lose their wanted level.

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