Maze Bank GTA 5

Maze Bank GTA 5

What does the maze bank do in GTA 5?

The Maze Bank Tower is a gigantic building located in Los Santos, San Andreas. It is used as an office for different organizations. Since Maze Bank is a chain of many banks, this place is very beneficial for investing in stocks. Investing in stocks in the Maze Bank earns you quite a lot of money. After doing this, one can buy many other places too, even including vehicle warehouses. One can also form the SecuroServ network via this bank which helps in dealing of cargo and vehicle work. 

How do I get on the Maze Bank in GTA 5?

Since Maze Bank is a huge skyscraper with almost 1050 ft height, it is not very easy to get on the very top of it and players inquire about the way they can reach the bank’s rooftop easily. For this, let us tell you that the easiest way to reach there is by using a helicopter as there is a helipad present at the roof. The best way here is to use an Oppressor MkII, which has a light weight body and can be driven easily up to the top. Deluxo and Hydra are also not bad options, but it totally depends on you what you want to choose for his purpose.  

Where is Maze bank located?

The Maze Bank Tower, which is the head of all the Maze banks., is located in Pillbox Hill in Downtown Los Santos. However this is not the only branch of Maze Bank in the state. Most people might not know about the other two branches of this organization, which are Maze Bank West and a relatively smaller building. Maze Bank West is located on Prosperity Street in Del Perro, Los Santos and the smaller branch can be found at Bay City Avenue in Del Perro, San Andreas. 

How much is the Maze Bank Tower garage?

Maze Bank holds in it a number of garages and the players are allowed to buy them. To purchase a garage, one must visit the Dynasty 8 in-game website and then go to the CEO Office which is under the ownership of the player currently. For the first garage you buy, you will have to pay a handsome sum of $1,150,000. Your purchases afterwards will cost you less money and the amount will shrink as the number increases. For buying the second garage, $855,000 is needed and in the case of the third one, one will have to pay only $745,000.  

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