How To Install GTA 5 Mods On PC?

How to Install GTA 5 Mods on PC?

An open world game like Grand Theft Auto 5 surely consists of a large number of features but what if we can bring more enhancements to this game? Mods are the additional features brought to the game which are not present in the actual application and in case of GTA 5, these changes are not introduced officially, rather the third party sites have developed the mods for the game.

The mods for GTA 5 consist of additional vehicles, weapons, unlocked places, even better graphics and much more. One thing you should keep in mind is that these scripts are only allowed for the Story mode by Rockstar and using them in Online mode can easily get you banned. There are a number of trustworthy modding tools which will be mentioned in the article below. Also, we'll explain the whole process to you in easy steps.

Different Modding Scripts to Use in GTA 5

There are many editors and modding scripts that let you use mods in the GTA 5 game. The main ones have been described here.

Lua Scripts

These scripts provide multiple modes, especially the ones related to the player's vehicles. For Example, if you want to have a quick transfer of your car from one place to another, just like in teleportation, you can use the mod using LUA Plugin. You can also drive trains and ragdoll the game characters, i.e they can show movements when something hits them and do not lie flat while being injured.

Download LUA Plugin by searching it on the internet bu make sure that the file you are downloading is from a trusted source, otherwise it may affect your system.

Installation Method

After downloading it, install the mods using these following steps.

  • You'll find a folder in the recently downloaded .zip named 'Scripts' along with a file named 'LUA_SDK.asi' which must be taken by you to your game directory where you have stored other mods.
  • Add these .lua to the 'Addins' folder and also the other files you are further going to download.

Script Hook V

This utility consists of the largest number of mods for Grand Theft Auto 5. The process is very easy and the same as you did in the previous case. Download link for these scripts from Script Hook has been given here.

After downloading it, you will find three files in the .zip file folder. These are 'dinput8.dll', 'ScriptHookV.dll', and the 'NativeTrainer.asi' which is optional as you won't find it a necessity but for your information, it will provide you cheats for all kinds in case you want to use it too. The first two files let you load your scripts having .asi extension and allow the usage of custom scripts in GTA 5 game respectively.

Installation Method

Copy the files to your GTA 5 main folder like you did in the case of Lua Plugin where GTA5.exe exists. You have successfully downloaded and installed your mods and all that is left now is you to enjoy these amazing features.


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