How Old Is Trevor In GTA 5?

How old is Trevor in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5 revolves around three main characters, each having their own unique background stories and different habits, and Trevor surely is the most lunatic person out of them all.

Having a rough past because of his drug addict father, Trevor has now become a criminal working with the Mafia too. However, he has a good heart and is a man of his words. Following is the information regarding Trevor you might be searching for. 

How old is Trevor in GTA 5?

Trevor Philips in GTA 5 was born on November 14, 1967 which means that he was nearly 46 years old when the game was released in September 2013. Since it is 2022 currently, he should be 55 years old. However, the fate of the character is not accurately known but it is reportedly said that he is still alive and must be enjoying the free and leisure time of his life, or carrying out heists as per his true nature.

Trevor Philips special ability

The main character Trevor Philip’s special ability is named as Red Mist which makes him more resistant to injuries. Trevor becomes almost invincible, meaning that he can survive gunshots and gets barely injured. Explosions and fires do not result in his death for those few seconds when the special ability is activated. Hence, Trevor can fight the enemies easily at that time and can easily cover other characters too when involved in a fight.

Trevor Philips death GTA 5

Trevor Philips can die in GTA 5 as there is an ending mission named Something Sensible in the game where Franklin is given three choices, either to kill Trevor, kill Michael, or to get murdered himself. It is totally up to the player how he responds to the mission. If he chooses Trevor, Franklin will call him to meet and then try to kill him. After resisting a lot, Trevor is killed either by Franklin or Michael in case Franklin fails to do so. 

In case you kill Trevor in the mission, Michael won’t easily trust Franklin as he might betray Michael too. Moreover, all of Trevor’s wealth will disappear and you won't be able to play his missions further on. The players cannot play the game using Trevor as the main character in GTA 5.

Who is Trevor Philips based on?

The character Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto 5 has been inspired by Charles Bronson, who is usually seen taking violent roles like a gunfighter in his movies.

However, Trevor has been voiced by a Canadian actor Steven Ogg who started his acting career in 1999 and has also voiced the character Simon in the series 'The Walking Dead'. Hence the character Trevor Philips has many apparent similarities with Steven Ogg, but is mainly based on Charles Bronson.

Trevor Philips missions GTA 5

Trevor has many missions to complete in GTA 5 and some of them are TP Industries, Crystal Clear Out, Satellite Communications, Diamonds are for Trevor, Lost My Mind, Chop Chop, The method in the Madness, Crystal Clear Out, Out of Harmony, and Chopper Tail.

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