How Old Is Michael In GTA 5?

How old is Michael in GTA 5?

Introduction to Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa is one of the three playable main characters in the game and has a unique background like others. He left his criminal life years ago and wanted to become a family man, but things didn’t go in his favor.

The hero arrives in Los Santos after many years and meets with his old friend, Franklin who later becomes his heist buddy along with Trevor Philips. The three of them carry many missions together and are a perfect match because of their unique abilities. Michael has a special ability of slowing down the shooting time which lets him focus on his target and dodge the bullets easily.

How old is Michael in GTA 5?

At the time of release of GTA 5 in September 2013, Michael was 48 years old and since it is 2022 now, he must have grown to almost 57 years of age. It is considered that the character is still alive because no such reports have been provided by Rockstar Games and until the next member of this series arrives, nobody can really know the fate of this GTA character.

Michael De Santa height

Michael De Santa is no doubt an ideal character with 6’2 height (188 cm), having colored hair and eyes and one thing that makes him look more impressive is his dressing as he is mostly seen wearing unique clothes. His weight is 98 Kg, which can not be justified because of his tall appearance. Michael intakes drugs and is habitual of drinking and smoking cigarettes, and surely has psychological issues in the game.      

Michael De Santa in real life

Michael De Santa has been voiced by a famous American actor, Ned Luke, who has made his appearances in many TV shows, series and commercials. The actor was born in October,1958 and has been a part of the American showbiz from 1984. He has surely shown his extraordinary artistic skills by voicing GTA 5’s main character and bringing this fictional hero to life. Ned has spent some of his life years like Michael De Santa, smoking and drinking a lot, according to some reports. 

What happens to Michael De Santa in GTA 5?

Michael was nearly going to die by the end of the game as Trevor decided to kill him by throwing him in a large meat grinder. However, he was saved by Franklin and Lester as they heard of this news and reacted in time. This indicates that Michael is still alive and won’t be considered dead until Rockstar gives us any such notification about him.

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