How Old Is Franklin In GTA 5? (Franklin Mission & Cars)

How old is Franklin in GTA 5? (Franklin Mission & Cars)

Franklin Clinton is one of the three playable protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 and has been gifted with a major role in the game’s story. He has got excellent qualities and knows very well how to accomplish every task given to him. A little info on this character has been given below.

How Old is Franklin in GTA 5?

The birth year of every character has been told by Rockstar and Franklin Clinton, being the youngest of the three protagonists, was born in 1988. Since the game was released in September 2013, this main character would be 25 years old in the game and if he is still alive after all these years, Franklin must be 34 years by age now in 2022.

GTA 5 Franklin Missions

Story missions to be completed by Franklin are Franklin and Lamar, Complications, Father/Son, Marriage Counseling, The Jewel Store Job, The Hotel Assassination, Dead Man Walking, Hood Safari, Trash Truck, Masks, Blitz Play, The Bus Assassination, Eye In The Sky, The Construction Assassination, Predator, Monkey Business, Pack Man, Surveying the Score, Fresh Meat, Architect's Plans, The Bureau Raid, Something Sensible, The Third Way, The Time's Come, The Big Score, Driller, Stingers, Lamar Down, Fire Truck, Cleaning Out the Bureau, and many other story and side missions.

Who is Franklin Clinton's wife?

Tanisha Clinton is Franklin’s wife in Grand Theft Auto 5 and has shown very few appearances in the game because of the reason that the couple had already been separated before the start of GTA 5’s events. She was born in Los Santos and got education from the same institutions as Franklin and Lamar. Franklin tries a lot to make them come together but she marries another man and the main character accepts reality sensibly. 

Who is Franklin Clinton's dad?

Many people believe that Carl Johnson from the GTA series is Franklin's father. However, there is no such statement given by the officials or no event in GTA to prove that. Franklin's father is known to be a drug addict who didn't have a very good behavior with his wife. He left his wife before Franklin was born and was the reason his mother died at an early age. In short, the protagonist hasn't seen his father and he surely isn't someone from the GTA characters.

Does Franklin have kids?

Franklin does not have a good relationship with his wife which is evident from all the GTA 5 events. In addition, no minors have been shown in the game. All the evidence points towards a single conclusion - Franklin has no children in this game.

Where is Franklin's house in GTA 5?

The first safehouse owned by Franklin in GTA 5 is located in Forum Drive in Strawberry. After you accomplish ‘The Hotel Assassination’ mission in GTA 5, Lester will reward Franklin with another safehouse which is situated in the Whispymound Drive in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. The 2-story house is very well developed and consists of all the features a modern-day apartment possesses. 

Franklin GTA 5 Car

Franklin drives a sports car in GTA 5, named Bravado Buffalo S which is based on the real-life. We can’t say that this car holds remarkable speed as compared to others and its braking mechanism doesn’t seem right either. However, due to its weighty bottom, this vehicle shows better friction and doesn’t skid easily.

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