GTA  Vice City Voice Actors

GTA Vice City voice actors

Each GTA Vice City character who speaks for even once in the game, has an artist behind him. GTA Vice  City brought this concept of various actors voicing the GTA game characters. It is due to this reason that each character seems so real in the game. The characters with major roles and their voice actors in GTA Vice City have been described briefly in the article below.

Tommy Vercetti

Tommy Vercetti is probably the first Grand Theft Auto player who has got an actor voicing for him. He has been given his voice by an extremely talented actor and producer from America, Ray Liotta. Ray has a very diverse experience in the American industry and he has taken part in many series and movies. Some of Ray Liotta’s famous works are Shoeless Joe Jackson from the Field of Dreams, Paul Krendler in Hannibal, Peter Deluca in The Place Beyond the Pines, Markie Trattman in Killing Them Softly, Samuel Rhodes in Identity, Fred Jung in Blow, Officer Pete Davis in Unlawful Entry, Jay Marotta in Marriage Story and Samuel Rhodes in Identity.

Sonny Forelli

Sonny Forelli is a villain in GTA Vice City and he has been voiced by an American actor and producer, Thomas Edward Seizmore. Thomas is mostly known for his famous works like voicing this GTA Vice City character and some other series and movies. Some of Thomas Edward Seizmore’s important works are Born on the Fourth of July, Passenger 57, Natural Born Killers, Heat, Red Planet, Pearl Harbor, Zyzzyx Road, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, True Romance, Strange Days, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Twin Peaks. 

Ken Rosenberg

Ken Rosenberg is Tommy Vercetti’s lawyer in GTA Vice City and has been on his side through thick and thin. Ken is suspected by many people because of his suspicious methods he uses for the legal work, but  he is no doubt very good at his field. Ken Rosenberg has been voiced by an American actor, William Edward Fichtner. William has been casted in many shows and series and is famous for some of his works which are Sheriff Tom Underlay in Invasion, Carl Hickman in Crossing Lines, Alexander Mahone in Prison Break, Adam Janikowski in Mom, and movies like The Perfect Storm, Go, Crash, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heat, Contact, Black Hawk Down, and Armageddon. 

Kent Paul

Kent Paul is a main character in GTA Vice City and at the same time, a criminal expert. He has been gifted with his voice by an English actor named Danial John Dyer in the game. Dyer is a popular actor and is famous for many of his works. Some of his roles in TV series and other projects include Moff in Human Traffic, Tommy Johnson in The Football Factory, Mick Carter in EastEnders,  Billy the Limpet in Mean Machine, and he also hosted a game show program named The Wall for the BBC. Danial has been awarded with many awards and prizes until now, and is still considered a famous name in the industry.

Ricardo Diaz

Ricardo Diaz is one of the major villains in the game GTA Vice City and has established his own drug business in the city. He has provided Tommy Vercetti with great damage and oats for his actions in the end. An American actor, Luis Guzmán,has given him his voice in the game. Luis Guzmán is a well-known artist and is known for Out of Sight, The Limey, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Traffic, Punch-Drunk Love, How to Make It in America, Code Black, Narcos and others. Luis Guzmán has been nominated for several awards in his forty-year career full of peaks. 

Lance Vance

The head of Vance Crime Family, Lance Vance, was a very good friend to Tommy Vercetti but betrayed him because of mere jealousy, and because he believed that Tommy did not behave rightly with him. Lance Vance has been voiced by an American musician and actor, Philip Michael Thomas, who retired in 2006. He has contributed much to the American industry. His roles as Ricardo Tubbs in Miami Vice, voicing the character Lance Vance in the games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories games, Coonskin, and Irene Cara in the movie Sparkle are famous among people.

Juan Cortez

Juan Cortez has been shown as an ex-Colonel in the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and is trading in drugs, weapons and many other things in Vice City now. Juan Cortez has been gifted with his voice due to the efforts of an American singer and actor, Robert Davi. Davi started his career as a singer in 2011 and has released many albums including Davi Sings Sinatra till now. His major works include The Goonies, Licence to Kill, Predator 2, Showgirls, Profiler, Die Hard and many others. He has hosted a radio program and is still adding to his extraordinary career.

Steve Scott

The main character Steve Scott, a film-director in GTA Vice City, has been voiced by Dennis Hopper, an American filmmaker and actor. He has contributed a lot to the American film industry. Some of his important works are The Last Movie, Mad Dog Morgan, The American Friend, Apocalypse Now, Rumble Fish, The Osterman Weekend, My Science Project, Blue Velvet, Waterworld, Paris Trout, Super Mario Bros, Hoosiers, The Hot Spot, Speed, Colors and others.

Other Players

Some other main characters in the game, along with the names of their voice actors have been enlisted below.

  • "Big" Mitch Baker - Lee Majors 
  • Candy Suxxx - Jenna Jameson 
  • Debbie - Harry Delores 
  • Phil Cassidy - Gary Busey  
  • Umberto Robina - Danny Trejo 
  • Mercedes Cortez - Fairuza Balk  

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