GTA San Andreas Vs GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas vs GTA Vice City

Gta Vice City and GTA San Andreas are both highly followed and played games which belong to the tri-dimensional gaming world. Both these games are equally liked by the players, judging by the fact that these made extraordinary sales after their release. GTA San Andreas has improved some things on the visual improvement that includes the appearance of buildings, roads and water. But still it wasn't too far behind from what GTA Vice City had achieved in doing a better job with colors. It would be difficult to compare these two masterpieces with each other, but when we do, here are the results.

Comparison between GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City

Here is the difference between GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.


Although the game GTA vice city was released in 2002 its visuals were still quite advanced and modern than the other games released at that time. GTA Vice City is far better in its style and visual effects. Moreover, the realistic lighting used in the game in addition to the realistic explosion or fire graphics make this debate easier to conclude. In short, this game has extraordinary visuals. On the other hand, GTA San Andreas is not that bright and eye-catching. Rockstar focused more on making the game more realistic, which can be clearly seen while playing the game. Hence, GTA Vice City can be considered better when it comes to its graphics, when making it stand up against GTA San Andreas.


The gameplay of GTA Vice City is very similar to that of GTA 3, the previous member of GTA series. However, many new features have been added to the GTA San Andreas game. For example, the players can now make their characters perform much more actions as compared to that of the previous game. Some of the new added actions in GTA San Andreas are throwing things in air, crouching, aiming better than before, and much more. Hence, when we talk about the overall gameplay, GTA San Andreas is much better.

Game Map

The map of GTA San Andreas is based on three cities which are named as San Fierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos. GTA Vice City, on the contrary, is based on a single city named the Vice City. However, the vastness of the map is not everything that matters. GTA Vice City’s map is full of colors which make the players feel more alive and it also contains all the real-life places like mountains, beaches, and different constructions, which adds to the immersive effect of the game. GTA San Andreas also contains almost all such things, but the cities do not show the realistic effects as in the other case.

Storyline and Missions

GTA Vice city is quite a straightforward and uncomplicated story which is all about a criminal who builds up an organization for himself. GTA San Andreas, on the other hand, is quite a complicated and legendary crime tale that includes a variety of different characters and includes a complex background story for the main character. Moreover, the missions of GTA San Andreas are better in terms of sticking to the story as they do not deviate from their path and end as soon as the story ends. The side missions in this game are more fun too, as compared to that of GTA San Andreas.

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