GTA: San Andreas MAP

GTA: San Andreas MAP

Grand Theft Auto is an action video game set in an open world where the player has complete freedom over all his actions. A unique storyline revolving around the Mafia world has been made part of the game and a large number of missions get players immersed in this thrilling sport. With all this, it also has a big map to entertain the gamers. So, let's find out what the map of GTA San Andreas contains.

What cities are in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas has a large map which is based mainly on three cities, namely Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. These cities are based on Los Angeles in California, Las Vegas in Nevada and San Francisco in California respectively.

Los Santos:

Los Santos is the largest city depicted in GTA San Andreas and has been provided with the most population and largest area by Rockstar. Many Los Angeles landmarks have been shown in the game like the Capitol Tower, the Watts Towers, the Hollywood Sign and many others like them. Many other districts in this city have been inspired from the real life Los Angeles ones.

Las Venturas:

It is the second largest city in the map with respect to area and has the smallest population in the state. Just like its real life counterpart, this area is mostly desertous and welcomes many illegal activities. Many of the noticeable roads in Las Vegas like Harry Gold Parkway and Julius Thruway can be seen in this game.

San Fierro:

The smallest city in the GTA San Andreas map with a population more than that of Las Venturas, San Fierro is located in the Western parts of the state. Some additional references are added in the map including the two Firth of Forth bridges in Scotland and the Forth and Forth Road bridges. A very interesting thing worthy of being noticed are the scars of the earthquake which happened in 1989 in Loma Prieta.

Other Towns:

In addition to these three main cities, some smaller towns and Counties are located in San Andreas too. Red County, Palomino Creek, The Panopticon, Montgomery, Blueberry, Dillimore, Whetstone, Angel Pine, Bay side, Las Barrancas and Bone County are some of the additional places for whom San Andreas is a home to.

Is GTA SA map bigger than GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas's map is based mainly on three cities however the one for GTA 5 has only one city. Because of more complex roads in the GTA San Andreas game as compared to GTA 5, the map seems larger. But it totally doesn't mean that GTA 5 has a smaller map than San Andreas.

With an area measurement of 75.84 square kilometers, GTA San Andreas holds the title of second game with the largest world map after GTA 5, which in turn has greater draw distance than the former one. In short, despite the apparent map sizes, GTA 5 originally covers more land area than GTA San Andreas.

Which GTA map is the biggest?

Out of all the GTA games, GTA 5 has the largest landmass and hence the biggest map. The map covers the land area of 48.15 square kilometers plus the water bodies covering 27.69 square kilometers, making the total area 75.84 square kilometers.

It has been set in fictional city Los Santos in the state of San Andreas based on the real life Los Angeles in California respectively and contains all kinds of places you'd see in the actual world including some of worth-seeing sights like Vespucci Beach, South Los Santos, Downtown, Blaine County, Little Seoul, and Rockford Hills.

How do you get the full map on GTA San Andreas?

To get the full map unlocked, you need to complete the "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" mission and the restrictions on Las Venturas, Bone County and Tierra Robada will be lifted, giving you full access to these areas and finally unlocking the whole map of GTA San Andreas.

There are no cheats you can use for this purpose and all you can do to unlock different places on the map is to complete missions. Locked regions are connected to certain tasks which get opened once you have successfully completed those missions.

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