GTA Online Motorcycle Club Businesses

GTA Online Motorcycle Club Businesses

Requirements to buy a MC Business in GTA Online

To buy a Motorcycle business in GTA 5 Online, one must buy at least a single clubhouse in the game. There are twelve clubhouses present in the game’s map and are listed below along with their prices. 

  • 68 Paleto Blvd (for $250,000)
  • 1 Paleto Blvd (for $242,000)
  • 137 Capital Blvd (for $449,000)
  • 1334 Roy Lowenstein Blvd (for $420,000)
  • 2111 East Joshua Road (for $225,000)
  • 47 Algonquin Blvd (for $210,000)
  • 4 Goma Street (for $395,000)
  • 75 Elgin Avenue (for $455,000)
  • 101 Route 68 (for $200,000)
  • 2214 Clinton Avenue (for $472,000)
  • 1778 Hawick Avenue (for$ 495,000)
  • 7 Del Perro Beach (for $365,000)

GTA Online Motorcycle Club Businesses

There are a total of five Motorcycle Club Businesses in GTA Online. These are the following.

Document Forgery Offices

The Document Forgery Office is an excellent method to earn money in Grand Theft Auto Online, but out of all the Motorcycle Club Businesses, this one pays the least. One can earn upto $1600 hourly and $38,000 at the time after installing the additional upgrades through this business. The offices are present at different locations in the city and each one can be bought for a distinct price. The four Document Forgery Offices prent in the game are built at the following locations.

  • Grapeseed (for $650,000)
  • Paleto Bay (for $732,000)
  • Elysian Island (for $975,000)
  • Textile City (for $1,235,000)

Weed Farms

The weed farm in GTA Online can earn you upto $20,000 per hour and after installing all the upgrades, the income jumps to $41,000 in the game. To start the business, the players have to make a heavy investment after buying any of the weed farms in the game. There are a total of four such farms, with the locations of each of them given below.

  • San Chianski Mountain Range (for $715,000)
  • Mount Chiliad (for $805,000)
  • Elysian Island (for $1,072,500)
  • Downtown Vinewood (for $1,358,000)

Counterfeit Cash Factories

Counterfeit Cash Factory is a very rewarding business featured in the Grand Theft Auto Online game. This business earns you $22,000 on a daily basis and after full upgradation, the income will boost up to reach $48,000 per hour. However, one needs to invest in the business first, and for this, spending $845,000 for the normal business and $1,150,000 for the upgraded one is compulsory. The four Counterfeit Cash Factories in GTA 5 online are:

  • Grand Senora Desert (for $845,000)
  • Paleto Bay (for $951,600)
  • Cypress Flats (for $1,267,500)
  • Vespucci Canals (for $1,605,500)

Methamphetamine Labs

Once you start this business, you can be sure that huge piles of money will be transferred to your account on an hourly basis. The amount it earns you is $21,000 per hour and after installing all the upgrades, one can earn upto $51,000 for the same time duration. However, one should invest almost $910,000 for the normal business and $520,000 for the upgraded one. Here are the location and prices of all four of these businesses on the map.

  • Grand Senora Desert (for $910,000)
  • Paleto Bay (for $1,024,800)
  • Terminal (for $1,365,000)
  • El Burro Heights (for $1,729,000)

Cocaine Lockups

This business is, no doubt, the most rewarding one in the whole of GTA Online. As the name indicates, this business involves storage and dealing of cocaine supplies. The business earns you $30,000 on an hourly basis without upgrading, and after you do it, it rewards you $74,000 per hour. The four locations and prices of these lockups in the state are given below.

  • Alamo Sea (for $975,000)
  • Paleto Bay (for $1,098,000)
  • Elysian Island (for $1,462,500)
  • Morningwood (for $1,852,500)

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