GTA 6 Map

GTA 6 Map

The main characteristic that has provided all the GTA games with fame is their large map and open-world gameplay. This lets the player roam around the cities and explore all the things, even those which they aren’t able to get to know in real life. Just like all other previous members, GTA 6, which has not been released yet, is hundred percent likely to contain this feature and will have a large and detailed map. However, the audience isn’t able to wait anymore because of the exciting leaks we have been getting since the start of its production a few years ago. For your information, all the facts about the map of the GTA 6 game are mentioned below.

What map is GTA 6 based on?

Like all the other GTA games, Grand Theft Auto 6 is also reportedly based on the map consisting of American States. However, since the game is still under development, there is no accurate news which contains all the spoilers about GTA 6’s map and even other features. Rumors spread all over the world are based on the idea that the game’s map is grounded on the cities of the United States of America and it will mostly show the modern world, but still there are people who believe Rockstar will bring forth the concept of a criminal world in older times. 

Some information leaks about GTA 6 indicate that its map is based on the Vice City, the city shown earlier in the GTA: Vice City game. The map may not consist of all the similar places as that of the previous game but will still have areas from the real life Miami in it for the players to explore. Moreover, the map may not be that large as we are expecting it to be. At the start of the game, players might see only a small portion of it and there are chances of it increasing as the story proceeds.

What cities will be in GTA 6?

Rumors about the cities in GTA 6’s map are making us go totally insane. Here’s what the majority reports - there seems to be a blend of four big cities in the map of a single game, that is, GTA 6. The cities that are likely to be involved in GTA 6 are:

  1. Vice City, based on real world Miami
  2. Liberty City, based on New York City in the actual world
  3. Los Santos, based on the real life Los Angeles
  4. A new city that will be based on Rio De Janeiro in South America

These are the areas that we can look forward to when imagining the fictional map of the most awaited GTA game, GTA 6. The development style may differ from the previous games which may take a while for the players to get used to, but the upcoming sport is surely going to be the best of all. 

Other GTA 6 game leaks

In addition to the map setting of GTA 6, there are some other very exciting rumors we are hearing, all thanks to the tweets the Rockstar management is posting. Cryptocurrency, the online currency, is very much likely to be introduced in the game and will be used to buy and sell things reportedly. Moreover, you are going to see a female lead in GTA 6, something that has never happened in the history of Grand Theft Auto. The gameplay is also expected to be longer, it may take 100 playing hours for one to achieve 100% completion. All eyes are on the release of GTA 6, but that is all we have gotten to know about this Rockstar’s game. 

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