GTA 5 Vs GTA San Andreas

GTA 5 vs GTA San Andreas

Rockstar is a great game developer when it comes to GTA, This company has made many great games over the years. GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas both are top fan-favorites. Overall both games were the best games of their generation. San Andreas was best for the HD era of games and for GTA 5 it was the modern era. Let’s find out which game is better.

Comparison between GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas

Game Maps 

GTA V and GTA San Andreas have very distinct maps. The size of GTA V’s map is way too much bigger than that of GTA San Andreas, and is based mainly on one city only. However, it mostly consists of desertous areas and forests in addition to the residential locations. On the other hand, GTA San Andreas is based on three cities but they are smaller in size. These cities, however, contain more modern areas unlike GTA 5’s Los Santos. In short, both these games are equal when it comes to their maps, as one is larger in size and the other has more variety in places located in the map. 


Both GTA San Andreas and GTA 5 can be played on almost all modern consoles but GTA San Andreas can be easily played on mobile phones unlike GTA 5. Although the recent entry is now introduced to all the platforms including PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360, the PS5 and Xbox X/S series contain the next-gen version of this game which is slightly different from the original GTA 5 game. GTA San Andreas can be played on Android, PC, and some consoles but the good thing about it is that it does not demand much in order to work on any device. Hence, when talking about the platforms only, GTA 5 may win, but if we take the overall accessibility of the games, GTA San Andreas leaves behind the fifth GTA entry.  

Game Characters

The most surprising addition to GTA 5 at the time of its release was the introduction to three heroes instead of one in the game. It is the first GTA game to do so and hence holds importance in this matter. However, when we talk about how strong the characters in both these games are, GTA San Andreas will lead GTA 5. It is because Carl Johnson, the main character of GTA San Andreas, has come a long and difficult way to reach his present status, and the difficulties he and his family face in the game make the players more sympathetic towards him as compared to the GTA 5 main characters.

Online Multiplayer

No game can easily beat Grand Theft Auto V’s Online multiplayer version. The online game versions are necessary in order to play the game with your friends and try different things at every time you play. The story mode can be good and exciting but not for long term. Hence, the games with their online versions are always at an advantage. Although GTA San Andreas allows its online play on the PS4 version of the game, it is not fun at all. On the other hand, GTA 5 Online is an amazing game with extraordinary features, making the players have a fun gaming experience of Los Santos with their friends.  


GTA 5’s story revolves mainly around the three main characters being stuck in their criminal lives where they have to complete various missions for themselves and their friends in order to survive in this cruel world. On the other hand, the GTA San Andreas’s main character, Carl Johnson, is the sole hero in the game and the story revolves around him and his tragic past. Most of the players find the story of CJ more upsetting and hence he gains more sympathy, as compared to the three heroes from GTA 5, which are together in everything and hence are stronger as a team.

Overall Gameplay

When it comes to the overall gameplay, GTA 5 wins undoubtedly. Although both these games follow the open world gameplay style, GTA 5 offers much more features. For example, the players can play golf, work at different places to earn money, and perform more actions while fighting like crouching etc, and can visit many more places. All these features are absent in GTA San Andreas. In short, the Grand Theft Auto V game offers much more diverse and better gameplay than the previous entry, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


The missions in GTA 5 are better because they stick strongly to the story, and each new mission unlocked contributes to the proceeding of the game's storyline. The game story ends as all the main missions are completed. Moreover, GTA 5 consists of side missions which show a convincing background and are fun to complete. On the other hand, GTA San Andreas’s missions are not very well connected with each other and the side missions are also less fun in comparison to GTA 5. 


The difference between the graphics of both the games is quite evident, and GTA 5 is far better than GTA San Andreas in this regard. The reason behind it may be the fact that GTA 5 was released many years after that of GTA San Andreas and has gotten advancement in its graphic technology. The map of GTA 5 is clearly more detailed with each location being more prominent and well-defined in the city. The sky also brilliantly depicts the weather conditions. Moreover, the lighting and shadow effects add to the realistic world of Los Santos. This is not the case in GTA San Andreas.

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