GTA 5 Vs GTA 4

GTA 5 vs GTA 4

Both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto IV have been developed by Rockstar, possessing the same action-adventure genre. Both games have a story which revolves around the idea of a criminal world where the main characters are members of a criminal organization and have to face various challenges in order to survive. The main apparent difference between the two is their release dates, but in actuality, the games differ a lot. Here is a detailed comparison of GTA 5 with GTA 4.

Comparison of GTA 5 and GTA 4

Here are the major differences between the GTA 5 and the GTA 4 games.


Although it has been many years since GTA 5 was released, in 2013, the game is a masterpiece when it comes to graphics and its realistic approach towards everything concerning visual and sound effects. A very realistic city of Los Santos has been depicted which consists of real-world entities inside it, in addition to the extraordinary lighting and shadow effects. GTA 4 is also very good regarding its graphics and other effects, but it can not match the level of GTA 5 in this regard. In fact, GTA 5 wins from a large number of open world games when talking about its graphics. 


If we talk about the numbers, GTA 4 has more missions than GTA 5, but there is much more to observe in this category. GTA 5 may have lesser missions, but each one sticks to the story excellently and these intense missions are harder to forget once accomplished. On the other hand, the missions in GTA 4 are not much coordinated and they do not contribute much to the advancement of the story. Moreover, missions can also be replayed any time in GTA 5, unlike GTA 4, making it better in various ways.

Game Map

The map of GTA 4 is built very well and Rockstar has made this game with a reduced map size to give it a more denser look. The makers got successful in this experiment as GTA 4 now has very dense forests and other stuff, looking like a real city. However, the map can’t compete with GTA 5’s map. This is due to the reason that GTA 5 has a city much larger than that of GTA 4, and is really rich in places and buildings, or in other words, is very dense too. Hence, the map of GTA 5 is more advanced in every aspect and is more fun to reside in as compared to that of GTA 4.

Overall Gameplay

Talking about the overall gameplay and game features of both these games, it should be made clear that GTA 5 has come this far only because of the efforts done in its predecessor, the GTA 4 game. If GTA 4 were not made this much fun, it would have been difficult to improve GTA 5 to this extent too. But still, as the latest member of the series is GTA 5, there is no match for this game in the GTA series, as it has got some really cool features like better vehicles, better weapons and missions, addition of new and exciting actions involved in fighting and much more.


The story of GTA 4 is, no doubt, stronger than that of its next entry. The main character is given much more detailed background and a convincing present. Moreover, the characters look like real humans in the game so players get involved more in the story. On the other hand, GTA 5 has characters which definitely look fictional or cartoon-like and also this game does not have an intense plot as compared to its predecessor.

Main Playable Characters

GTA 5 has three main playable characters, named Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, and Michael De Santa while GTA 4 has only one hero, Niko Bellic. The GTA 5 characters are surely incredible and possess unique characteristics but, in our opinion, they do not compete with Niko Bellic at all. Niko has been given a very strong and harsh background, which immediately gets the players to hold a sympathy for him. However, there are some mixed emotions regarding Niko due to his sad past and his wrong activities in the present.

Weapons and Vehicles

The weapons in all the starting GTA games up till GTA 5 were not impressive in their uniqueness and working. GTA 4 is also a victim of this problem as it does not have a very good variety of armor. On the other hand, GTA 5 consists of a large number of different weapons starting from simple guns and leading all the way to grenades and even rocket launchers. Much focus has been given to this game’s armory and we can see the results. Same is the case with cars; although GTA 4 also possesses well performing vehicles, GTA 5 has them even more modified and also introduces new and smarter cars, bikes, airplanes, helicopters and submersibles. 

Online Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto 4 is good in many aspects but it does not offer an online mode for it, which is surely a drawback. Story modes of games can be as good as possible, but once all the missions and challenges are done, it becomes boring to single-handedly play them again and again repeatedly until you find a new game. In this case, GTA 5 is much better as it has its online counterpart, the GTA Online. GTA Online is the multiplayer version, meaning that one can play it with his friends or any other people and it also contains additional missions and some other exciting features.

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