GTA 5 Solomon Movie Props Locations

GTA 5 Solomon Movie Props Locations

Movie props are hidden objects which are to be collected in the Grand Theft Auto Online game. These are to be collected for an in-game character, named Solomon Richards. There are a total of ten movie props in the game which are distributed along Los Santos and Blaine County. Solomon Richards will message the player and ask him to meet him in his office and when they meet, Solomon will describe a scene when he was robbed and he wants to find and get his movie props back, and hence needs the player’s help. The locations of all the props have been discussed below.

GTA 5 Solomon Movie Props locations

Following are the locations of all the movie props hidden in the game.

Movie Props



Movie prop 1

Meltdown Film Reel     

Outside Solomon's office at Richards Majestic Productions in Backlot City. 

Movie prop 2

Alien Head

At the Beam Me Up in Sandy Shores.

Movie prop 3

WIFA Award

At an office of Vanilla Unicorn, in Strawberry 

Movie prop 4

Monster Mask

Altruist Camp, in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

Movie prop 5

Indian Headdress

In the washrooms of The Diamond Casino & Resort. 

Movie prop 6

Mummy Head

In a house, at Route 68

Movie prop 7


On a desk in the air traffic control tower in Fort Zancudo

Movie Prop 8

Mummy Coffin


Movie Prop 9



Movie Prop 10  

Tiger Skin


Vehicles required for collecting Movie Props

The last three props mentioned in the table above are placed in vehicles, which can be present at different locations. Following are all the locations where you can find them.

  • Rumpo Van - Parked at Simmet Alley in Textile City
  • Rumpo Van - Parked outside Darnell Bros. (Lester's clothes factory)
  • Rumpo Van - Driving west over San Andreas Avenue Bridge
  • Pony Van - Parked in the Kortz Center parking lot
  • Pony Van - Parked on the east side of the Epsilon Center
  • Pony Van - Driving north on Tongva Drive
  • Rebel Pickup - Parked in the alley behind The Hen House
  • Rebel Pickup - Parked in the Willie's Supermarket parking lot
  • Rebel Pickup - Driving east on Great Ocean Highway

Rewards for collecting Movie Props

You get a reward for collecting each movie prop, and it is in the form of RP or in simpler terms your reputation or experience level increases. For every fixed prop you find out and deliver, you get a reward of 5000 RP, and in case of the moving props, a reward of 2000 RP is granted for returning the item while 100 RP more is given for getting rid of the cops.

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