GTA 5 Remastered PS5 Release Date

GTA 5 Remastered PS5 Release Date

The GTA 5 remastered version is basically this game’s next-gen update as it was released to bring GTA 5 to the Xbox S/X and PS5 consoles. The release date of GTA 5 remastered is 15th March, 2022, as it has already been some time since it got released. This new version of the game has been popular among gamers since then, due to the reason that it is not exactly the same as the previously released GTA 5 versions. The Grand Theft Auto remastered consists of a large number of new and exciting features, making the public get more excited and try playing the game all over again.

What is different about GTA 5 remastered?

The remastered version of GTA 5 is different from the original game in a lot of aspects.

Following are the new and exciting features you’ll be able to see in the game.

  1. Better lighting and visual effects than the original GTA 5 game.
  2. Shadows are much more prominent, giving the game a more realistic look.
  3. Everybody who has played GTA 5 knows that the loading time is quite a problem in the game, but this version has reduced this time to a great extent.
  4. Different graphic modes have been added, allowing people to play with different graphic options.
  5. A workshop named Hao’s Special Works has been added, which is useful in the customization of cars.
  6. Five new cars have been added to the map.
  7. New races and time trials are introduced in the GTA 5 remastered game.
  8. A career builder mode, which allows you to choose and train as any of the four different criminal careers, is a part of this game. 

Is GTA V remastered worth buying?

To be honest, there is no doubt that GTA V remastered is a well-developed sport and is much better than the GTA 5 PC version. It is due to the fact that it has additional features in addition to all those present in the GTA 5 PC game. Less loading time, improved graphics and resolution, better lighting and shadow effects, and many other compelling features force us to admit that this game for PS5 and Xbox X/S is one of the best games of this kind.  

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