GTA 5 Radio Stations

GTA 5 Radio Stations

Radio stations are the sites which broadcast music or other things like news for the areas surrounding the station. Each station has its own range within which we can listen to its channel. Just like in the real world, radio stations are a part of Grand Theft Auto games too, and GTA 5 and Online are not excluded from this sort of entertainment. A number of radio stations can be played while controlling any of the main characters in GTA 5, however, if you go very far from the station, the signals won’t reach you and hence you will lose contact with that particular channel.   

Radio Stations in GTA 5

There are 22 radio stations that can be seen in GTA 5, a few of which are those which are originally part of the GTA Online game. These radio stations have tens of songs which can be switched according to the player’s will. Following is the list of all the radio stations you can access while playing the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. 

  • Los Santos Rock Radio
  • Rebel Radio
  • Channel X
  • Non-Stop-Pop FM
  • Soulwax FM
  • Radio Los Santos
  • Space 103.2
  • Worldwide FM
  • West Coast Classics
  • The Blue Ark
  • FlyLo FM
  • The Lab
  • East Los FM
  • The Lowdown 91.1
  • WCTR
  • Blaine County Radio
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio
  • Radio Mirror Park
  • iFruit Radio
  • Los Santos Underground Radio
  • Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM
  • Self Radio

How does GTA 5 radio Work?

To start using the radio, you will have to head over to the NTS website or Play Store application. Once you get access to the radio, you can listen to any of the radio channels mentioned above and switch them as per your desire, but you can listen only to those whose signals reach you. You can open up the radio wheel through the Interaction Menu in GTA 5 and can change it from there too. As soon as you open up the wheel, the game will slow down just like what happens after using the cheat for slower gameplay. 

How do you use the car radio in GTA 5?

While driving a vehicle, you will get another station on the list which reads as ‘Self Radio’. Select any option there to listen to the songs available in your own self radio. This will allow you to choose songs from your own playlist and you can even play Spotify songs on it. However, this feature is only available for the players themselves as other people can not hear what's being played on your self radio station.

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