GTA 5 Police Mod

GTA 5 Police Mod

San Andreas is full of criminal activities and these illegal activities can even increase day by day if not controlled. That is where the police come into action. Just like in the real world, there are police stations in Los Santos too, which work in making the society more peaceful. The cops ensure each guilty person gets fair judgment so that the victims don’t lose faith in the judiciary. As we all know that the main characters are gangsters too, the cops are only present in the game to catch you as soon as you take any wrong step. 

But what if someone wants to play GTA 5 as a cop himself? Rockstar has not added any such feature in the game, but there surely are police mods which let you play as police in GTA 5. While the gamers are in search of these mods and the ways to download them on their devices, here we have provided all the information regarding the main websites which provide you GTA 5 police mods and instructions to download them on your gadgets.    

PoliceMenu V Mod Menu

This menu has been developed by Abel Gaming and the main purpose of these mods provided to you by the PoliceMenu V is to get you all the accessories a policeman needs and hence makes you able to play as a cop in the game. This mod does not make you a cop in actuality but with all the items a policeman possesses, you can have a similar experience to being one in real life. You need to download the mods and then shift them to the scripts folder and then use them as per your desire.

LSPD First Response

This is no doubt one of the best mods you will get to see activated in GTA 5, if not the best. LSPDFR is the mod which helps you play the game as a policeman. You will get a police costume to wear, and work in the Los Santos Police Department. You can carry out your desired operations and catch culprits. Moreover, the players can get police vehicles and their weapons, even for personal use. All the items a cop needs are handed over to the gamers. This mode is quite simple at the first time you download it, however, further details can be made part of by downloading extra software additions that come with it. 

Unarmed Police Mod

This police mod is not something the player activates for the main character which he controls. Instead, after you activate the Unarmed Police mod, the cops all over the map lose their weapons like guns and knives. They may have a little equipment like one for electrical shocks, but they will fight the wrong doers with their fists at most of the times. This is quite funny, as the gangsters are not to be controlled by bare fists and they can easily perform all the illegal activities, thanks to this mod. 

Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

Did you ever wonder, being a GTA player, how does the police get to know about all your illegal actions and the police cars arrive at the crime scene even before it is completely done? Is there even someone who files a complaint against you? Yes, the police in GTA 5 and others come out of nowhere as this is a system developed by Rockstar. The mod Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement helps us in this situation.

This mod brings detail to the game. It does not help a person to be a cop, instead it is designed in such a way that it lets you do your mafia job in complete silence, until a pedestrian files a complaint against you to the police. Killing people becomes much easier now, just make sure no one is watching or silent the ones who seem to be reporting you to the police. In short, this mod will make the police not catch you until another character in the game reports you at the station.

Arrest Peds V Mod

As the name indicates, Arrest Peds V is a mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 which lets players arrest pedestrians. GTA 5 map is full of people all around, some going to work, home, or some wandering around in the beautiful city. These people sometimes use unjust ways to complete their actions, so this mod gives you the power to arrest them. Not just the culprits, one can arrest absolutely anyone by using this mod. The main character will also have police weapons and also handcuffs to carry out your work easily.

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