GTA 5 Next Gen

GTA 5 Next Gen

GTA 5 Next-Gen update

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, but for some platforms only. In the next year, the enhanced version of this very game was released, meaning that GTA V was introduced to PS4 and Xbox One, which were recently introduced to the world. Almost nine years later, in March 2022, Rockstar put forth the Next-Gen update of GTA 5, this time introducing the game for PS5 and Xbox X/S series. Although the game is not much detailed in the Next-Gen version as it is in case of the other platforms, there are many good and distinct features to GTA 5 here, which the gamers were wishing to get for a very long time. 

GTA 5 Next-Gen update features

The exciting features added by Rockstar to the GTA 5 Next-Gen update are mentioned here in  detail.

New Races and Time Trials

 By the addition of new vehicles, street races are also added in the game. These races mostly involve those cars which are available at the Hao’s Special Works vehicle workshop. A total of five races taking place at different areas of San Andreas have been made part of the game. To achieve 100% completion, one must get gold medals in all these five challenges. Following are the street races added as a part of the next-gen update.

Shift Work

The race is given to the player by Hao as a task which needs to be completed and it is to be played in Davis, Los Santos County and involves two laps only. The race requires no entry fee for you to participate in it, but once you do, winning it will reward you $200 in the game. To get a gold medal, it is necessary to complete the race in a time period of 01:20 and to collide your car less than five times. 

City Circuit

Taking place in Vinewood and tasked by Hao, a player needs to spend $500 to enter or register into the game. The race involves only one lap, starting from Clinton Avenue and wandering around certain parts of Los Santos. After winning, the player will be rewarded with much more money as compared to the previous race -that is- $2250.


Unlocked by the City Circuit race and tasked by Hao, the Airport race takes place at the Los Santos International Airport, as indicated by the name. The entry fee for this race is $1,000 and the reward you get after accomplishing it is $4,500.


Unlocked by the Airport race and tasked by Hao, just like in the case of other such races, the Freeway race is held on Olympic, Del Perro or other such freeways. The entry fee for this race is $1250 and it gives a much greater reward, that is $5625 after you accomplish it. The race comprises two laps only.

Vespucci Canals

Vespucci Canals is the final race given by Hao to the player. Comprising two laps, this race allows only motorcycle drivers to participate in it. It is based on two laps and is held in Vespucci, Del Perro, San Andreas. The entry fee for this race is the greatest, which is $1500, just like its end reward, which is $6750. 

New Vehicles

Five new cars have been added to GTA 5 as it got released on the PS5, Xbox X and S series consoles. These cars, their prices and vehicle types have been mentioned here.




Imponte Arbiter GT

Muscle car


Pfister Astron Custom

Sport Utility Vehicle


Coil Cyclone II



Karin S95

Sports car


Pegassi Weaponized Ignus



Better Graphics and Resolution

GTA V Next-Gen has arrived with a lot of great enhancements including better graphics and nearly 4k resolution. These things matter a lot as players can get immersed in the gaming world easily and hence play a large number of gaming hours. The tree density is prominently increased and they look more life-like. Moreover, the number of pedestrians on the street and the cars we see in the crowd have now increased in number and have been given more variety. The fires or explosions of houses, vehicles or other substances are more detailed and the audio and other visual effects are enough to get the players involved in this version of GTA 5. 

Hao’s Special Works

Hao’s Special Works is a workshop introduced in GTA 5 for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 users and is present inside the LS Car Meet. It is used for modification of the newly added and some other vehicles in the game after being unlocked by the player, which can be done by picking Hao’s call and then completing the challenge he suggests you to do. Another feature in Hao's workshop is that one can have a replica vehicle prepared from there as per his demand.

Career Builder mode

The Career Builder in GTA 5 is basically a tutorial for the players to build a criminal career in the game. After getting part in the Career Builder, a business is immediately given to you for access along with $4,000,000 GTA dollars to start this business. Players are given four options to choose a career and these are:

  • An Executive: the players get CEO Office & Warehouse
  • A Gunrunner: the players get Bunker business
  • A Nightclub Owner: the players get Nightclub business
  • A Biker: the players get MC Clubhouse & Biker business

Other enhancements

Some of the other advantages or enhancements in GTA 5 in the PS5 and Xbox series X/S version are:

  1. Three graphic modes, namely Fidelity mode, Performance mode, and Performance RT mode have been added which bring out different changes in the game visuals.
  2. New effects can be added to the sky and other weather changes can be made.
  3. Lighting and shadow effects have been improved.
  4. Loading time has been decreased and the game loads in absolutely no time.

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