GTA 5 Lester Voice

GTA 5 Lester Voice

Lester Crest GTA 5

Lester Crest is the secondary main character in Grand Theft Auto V and has played his very important part in GTA Online too. Out of the three main heroes in the game, Lester is a good and trusted friend of both Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa. In a failed bank robbery earlier in 2004, Michael and Trevor left the city and pretended to be dead for almost nine years and three of them later reunited after many years. They were forced to continue their criminal lives due to some unfortunate circumstances which were probably created by Michael mistakenly. In their heists in the game, Lester is the one giving information and leading the main characters, especially Michael. 

The five assassination missions in GTA V have been give by Lester to the players, but he has appeared in many more missions of the game. These missions include The Construction Assassination, The Paleto Score, Friend Request, Surveying the Score, Lamar Down, Marriage Counseling, Casing the Jewel Store, Friends Reunited, The Multi Target Assassination, The Vice Assassination, The Bureau Raid, Cleaning Out the Bureau, The Time's Come, The Big Score, Meltdown, The Wrap Up, Fresh Meat, Architect's Plans, The Jewel Store Job, The Hotel Assassination, The Merryweather Heist, The Bus Assassination, Paleto Score Setup, Hang Ten, Pack Man, The Third Way, Something Sensible, and Planning the Big Score.

GTA 5 Lester voice

Lester Crest has been given his unique voice by an American actor, Jay Klaitz, who is famous for his amazing roles in the industry and got even more fame mainly because he has voiced some important video game characters like Lester. Jay Klaitz has voiced a side character in the Ballad of Tony and a person in the Red Dead Redemption too. Some famous works of Jay Klitz in the industry are Body of Proof, Elementary, I Just Want My Pants Back, Rescue Me and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 

Jay Klaitz appearance in GTA games

Jay Klaitz, the voice actor of Lester Crest from GTA 5, isn’t voicing the first GTA character in the game. Instead, he has worked for six other GTA games too. Here is the list of all of Jay Klaitz GTA works. 

  • The Ballad of Gay Tony as Pedestrian (2009)
  • Grand Theft Auto V as Lester Crest (2013)
  • Grand Theft Auto Online as Lester Crest (2013)
  • Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists as Lester Crest (2015)
  • Grand Theft Auto Online: Bikers as Lester Crest, as the Long John Teabag (2016)
  • Grand Theft Auto Online: The Doomsday Heist as Lester Crest (2017)
  • Grand Theft Auto Online: The Diamond Casino Heist as Lester Crest (2019)

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