GTA 4 Vs GTA San Andreas

GTA 4 vs GTA San Andreas

Both GTA IV and GTA San Andreas are open world games and are developed by Rockstar. They have many same features but the time they were released at is the main factor deciding the most game characteristics. However, there are many in-born features which do not depend upon the time of release, in fact they are decided on how much hard work the team has put into them. The games GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas are awesome in their own style, but the detailed comparison between them has been described in the given article.

Comparison between GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas

Here are the differences in both the games’ features.


We all know that Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced the HD world to the gamers and hence is better in terms of graphics than Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Moreover, the characters in GTA 4 look much more realistic and are given human-like characters, unlike that in GTA San Andreas. Not just this, the buildings and natural things like mountains and the sea, everything in GTA 4 is similar to the real life things. The shadow, lighting and other visual and sound effects like those of an explosion, are so life-like that they contribute to the players immersing in the game.

Game Map

When talking about the game map, GTA San Andreas wins because of its larger sized map. It also shows three big cities in the game, which are named as Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. These three cities have in them natural treasures and a very diverse land and water area, consisting of different buildings, monuments, offices, businesses, and other natural beauties. On the the hand, GTA 4 has a map based on only one city, the Liberty City, which is a kind of serious world and a little dull as compared to the previous game.

Overall Gameplay

The overall gameplay of both these games is quite similar to each other. The players can make their in-game friends walk, run, show different moves while fighting, and even kill or beat different pedestrians, which will result in the players getting a wanted level. Getting rid of the police is quite a task itself. But still, there are some ways the gameplay of both these games differ from each other. For example, GTA San Andreas may not stick exactly to the story in its missions, but it has a comparatively more strict police as compared to GTA 4, where the police does not take out tanks when the wanted level gets to its maximum point, and also it does not chase the players for too long.

Game Characters

First of all, the main characters in both GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas are different in nature from each other. Niko Bellic from GTA 4 is quite a serious man with a very torturing past. He is an ex-soldier but has done some criminal work in the past too. He now is taking revenge on a person who betrayed him in the past. Carl Johnson, on the other hand, is a gangster who makes his own organization and works to take his criminal organization to the top. The actions they can perform in the games are also different from each other. Just like them, the other NPCs show some distinct behaviors as compared to each other.

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