GTA 3 Vs GTA San Andreas

GTA 3 vs GTA San Andreas

Developed by Rockstar, both the Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas games are the members of the same family, the only difference between them being their release dates. However, these games are not alike in many features like their map cities, main and side characters, and other gameplay styles. Each game is better in its own way, but if we compare the features of both these games, we get the following conclusions. 

Difference between GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas

Here is the difference between GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas.

Overall Gameplay

GTA San Andreas is surely better than GTA 3 when it comes to its gameplay. Although GTA 3 introduced the 3D gameplay world in the GTA series, GTA San Andreas brought this concept to a real perfection. In this very realistic world, the players can perform multiple tasks like doing a job, enjoying in a casino, going shopping, and many others. GTA 3, on the other hand, is far better than the previous entries, but can not be compared with GTA 3 in its gameplay.  

Game Map

The maps of both the games vary a lot. GTA San Andreas is based on three cities namely Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. These cities show very diverse nature and architecture. One can find absolutely all kinds of places like mountains, beaches, monuments, offices, banks, shopping malls etc in this map. GTA 3, on the other hand, is based on Liberty City, which is comparatively dull in terms of its places and even people. The city, for whatever reasons, seems a gloomy place to live. However, there are other good aspects about this place, but the map of this game is less attractive than that of GTA San Andreas.  

Vehicles and Weapons

Grand Theft Auto makers have never compromised on the vehicles in this game, whatever entry it may be. Hence, both these games possess excellent vehicles which are helpful in all kinds of situations and places. However, as the GTA San Andreas game has been released much later than the other entry, it is better in terms of these things, as the new vehicles introduced in this games are based on the new and modern cars and bikes, these are obviously more loved by the players. Same is the case with the weapons featured in both the games.


The missions in both GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas are very exciting and full of thrill. However, the main purpose of the missions is to divide the story and every completing mission must proceed the story. The missions in GTA 3, in this way, stick fully to the story and are very fun to complete. GTA San Andreas is also the same, but sometimes the missions do deviate from the storyline, which is not the case in GTA 3.

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