Grotti Turismo Classic

Grotti Turismo Classic

Grotti Turismo Classic GTA Online

Sports cars are always fun to drive, whether in real life or in this reality-based fictional game. This is why we present to you another awesome sports car, the Grotti Turismo Classic. The best thing about this two-door car is probably its excellent top speed and equally good acceleration. The car has lots of fans because of its mesmerizing design and body structure, but it is no less in its performance too. Turismo Classic can be handled easily and it provides enough stability. However, its braking mechanism is its drawback so it must be driven with care. 

How fast is the Grotti Turismo?

The Grotti Turismo Classic car can run as fast as 120.75 mph or 194.33 km/h after being fully customized. This top speed recorded by gamers is a very good figure and is one of the plus points of this car. Because of this, you can use the car in various races and other areas where good speed is a necessity. This is in addition to using Grotti Turismo because of its classy style and good looks.  

How much is the Grotti Turismo Classic?

Grotti Turismo Classic in Grand Theft Auto Online costs $705,000, which we all know is a fair deal. It can be bought from the Legendary Motorsport online store and can be used as a civilian vehicle, which means that you can take it anywhere in San Andreas and absolutely nobody is going to challenge its possession to you. In case you want to sell it, go to Los Santos Customs and exchange it for sixty percent of its original cost.

Grotti Turismo Classic customization GTA

To customize Grotti Turismo Classic in GTA Online, you have two options: either visit Los Santos Customs or Hao’s Special Works. The customization options available for Grotti Turismo Classic are engine, bumpers, brakes, armor, hoods, explosives, exhausts, livery, lights, horns, sunstrips, respray, plates, skirts, spoilers, windows, turbo, suspensions, wheels and transmission. Also Check Out GTA 5 APK.

What is the Grotti Turismo Classic in real life?

When carefully looked upon, Grotti Turismo shows many resemblances with the real life sensation, the Ferrari F40. The overall design and engine type are what match the most between the two. However, there are some differences as well. Taking their speed into consideration, one does not find it similar, but such differences are deliberately made in order to keep the boundary between the vehicles in the real life world and the ones present in fiction i.e. in the Grand Theft Auto world.

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