Grotti Itali RSX

Grotti Itali RSX

Grotti Itali RSX GTA Online

Grotti Itali RSX is a sports car that makes its appearance in the Grand Theft Auto Online game and allows two people to enjoy it in a ride. The car has not only got an amazing and appealing appearance, but also it is no less than other supercars in its performance. Grotti Itali RSX is bestowed with a very good top speed which always keeps it above many other vehicles. The acceleration is better too, but this sports car seems to have a drawback when it comes to its braking mechanism and the grip which ultimately affects the players’ control over the vehicle.  

How fast is the Itali RSX?

The top speed of Grotti Itali RSX after being fully customized is recorded by various gamers to be 135.30 mph or 217.74 km/h, which is a very good figure to invest into. This is the reason you’ll often find Itali RSX midst the street races and are allowed to ride them in various races taking place in the game. Grotti Itali, hence, can be used at the places where high speed is required as during heists and other missions which require running from various gangs and getting rid of the cops. This high speed and beautiful design makes this car worth driving!

What is the price for Grotti Itali RSX in GTA Online?

The Grotti Itali RSX car can be bought in Grand Theft Auto Online from Legendary Motorsport and it comes by paying the price of 3,465,000 in-game dollars. After purchasing it, the players can get the vehicle delivered at their doorsteps as per their demand. Moreover, it is also possible to sell vehicles in the game. For Grotti Itali RSX, the resale price is $2,079,000, which is exactly sixty percent of the amount you spent in order to buy it in the first place. 

Grotti Itali RSX customization GTA Online

Customizing this car means changing or improving its in-built features and it can be done by visiting the Los Santos customs in case of Grotti Itali RSX. The customizable characteristics of this vehicle are brakes, bumpers, armor, explosives, engine, exhausts, livery, hoods, lights, mirrors, horns, rear panel, plates, respray, roof, spoilers, skirts, suspension, tail fins, wheels, windows, turbo, and transmission. 

What is the Grotti Itali RSX in real life?

Like the other cars are based on real life inspirations, Grotti Itali RSX also has a name. It is based on the very famous Ferrari SF90 Stradale model and shows remarkable similarities with it. Although their speed might differ to some extent, you will find a large number of Ferrari SF90-inspired features in this fictional car once you start driving it.

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