Games Like GTA 5

Games like GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V belongs to the open world game category and it is not the first or last game having an open world nature. Although GTA 5 is very unique in its story and many other features, there are many other distinct games that one must try if he likes the action-adventure genre in addition to the open world type gameplay. Many such popular games are present today and are available for players’ download. The article below mentions the games you might like which are similar to GTA 5 in their nature.

8 games like GTA 5 you need to play

Here are eight games that resemble a lot with the Grand Theft Auto V game and you need to play while waiting for GTA 6. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

The similarity in both the games can be found due to the fact that these games are both developed by the same studio, the Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption is totally a masterpiece with it being set in the late 20th century and gives the players liberty to perform any action they like. The map is also a huge land area filled with different places and people which do not stop the main character from doing his tasks. However, Red Dead Redemption may be different from GTA 5 in its method of transport as there are horses for the players to ride in most of the cases.


Minecraft is a world popular game which basically consists of the characters building and destroying blocks in their world. In this way, it is up to the players how they make their own world look. From this, it is clear that Minecraft is also an open world game which lets the players do everything of their choice- either building a house or anything else. This nature seems familiar, right? Yes, the idea is similar to that of GTA 5, and hence it is famous among those players who love to play such types of games.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most played games by people worldwide. Its action-adventure genre and a wide range of additional characters with even minute details and actual locations used are the reasons behind its fandom and millions of downloads. This game is made combining many real life issues and also a taste of dramatic fiction, just like GTA San Andreas. Both the games are the members of the same family and the similarities between them are the proof. If you have not played GTA San Andreas yet, you should consider playing it soon.


Fortnite is an action game and that’s how it resembles GTA 5. It is basically a survival game like Pubg and it consists of 100 players competing with each other. Everybody has to fight and eliminate each other. The one who stands at the last is the winner. The gameplay styles of GTA 5 and Fortnite are different from each other but the action genre is the same. The game is famous among millions and is surely worth-playing.  

Saints Row: The Third

Developed by Vlition, the Saints Row: The Third also seems to take its inspiration from the GTA series developed by Rockstar. The game is based on some gangs fighting each other in order to expand their power and earn more money. The players get different missions like stealing things, robbing banks and other tasks just like in the case of GTA 5. There may be a lot of differences between the game features of both GTA 5 and Saints Row: The Third, but both of them depict the same idea and have many similar aspects. So if you are looking to play a game like GTA 5, this one is a very suitable option.

Watch Dogs 

Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 are the two games which are similar in nature to GTA 5 and are in the list of the games you might like to play while waiting for the next member of the GTA series. while waiting for the next member of the GTA series. Both Watch Dogs and GTA 5 are open world games having large maps and complete liberty given to the players in their actions, as they don’t have to care about what they do in their lives; performing legal or illegal actions is no more a problem here. Watch Dogs has shown a very detailed and realistic map with all the places necessary for an open world game, just like GTA 5. So, be sure to note this masterpiece in your gaming list.

Mafia 3

As indicated by its name, the game Mafia 3 is based on the mafia world and depicts the real life concept of the criminal organizations. This concept is the favorite of the GTA makers and GTA 5 is also built on this idea. This game, however, can be played only on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But still, Mafia 3, developed by Hangar 13, is one of the best action games you will get to play and we surely recommend you to try playing it. 

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an action game which is much like GTA 5 but focuses mainly on the martial arts instead of the gunfight. One can say that the Sleeping Dogs game is another GTA 5, just the one which involves martial arts. It has been developed by the United Front Games and is available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Both the games are very alike in their gaming style and many other features and hence one needs to try playing Sleeping Dogs at least once in their lifetime.

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