Epsilonist GTA 5

Epsilonist GTA 5

What is Epsilonist in GTA 5?

Led by Cris Formage, the Epsilon program is a religious extremist group located in the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands area that can be seen in both the fictional and the real worlds. The character Cris appears both in GTA 5 and GTA Online, in addition to GTA San Andreas. This idea has been included in the Stranger and Freaks portion of the game and requires you to complete some missions and collect the hidden items called the Epsilon tracts.

Epsilon Missions GTA 5

The Epsilon Missions which are related to the Epsilon program have been added to the GTA 5 game and are to be completed by Michael only. The main character is given a totally opposite and negative role in this series of missions where he becomes a member of the religious cult and is tasked to donate money and also perform quests for the group. The missions given to Michael De Santa in this Stranger and Freaks series are:

  • Seeking the Truth
  • Accepting the Truth
  • Assuming the Truth
  • Chasing the Truth
  • Bearing the Truth
  • Delivering the Truth
  • Exercising the Truth
  • Unknowing the Truth

The players are advised to complete a mission in the given period of time and when a mission is accomplished, they should save the progress, restart the game, and then go for doing the very next mission.

Where do I find the cars for Epsilon GTA 5?

During the ‘Assuming the Truth’ mission, Marnie will order you to steal five vehicles for her. All these cars and a bike would be standing at different places and the players have to collect them all. The locations for all these five vehicles are:

  1. Pegassi Vacca - parked near the Franklin’s house in Vinewood Hills
  2. Declasse Tornado - parked near 24-7 Store and the auto repair shop.
  3. Dinka Double-T - parked outside the LifeInvader offices
  4. Benefactor Surano - parked in a small street at Vinewood lake
  5. Enus Super Diamond - parked behind a building name Leopolds in Rockford Hills

What happens after you collect all 10 Epsilon tracts?

After you complete the last Epsilon mission in GTA 5, a challenge will appear in which you have to collect small substances called Epsilon tracts. Marnie will describe Michael the entire process and give him small hints which will be helpful in finding the tracts. After collecting all the ten tracts, Marnie will text you a congratulatory message and notify you that your work is done. There is no big reward for collecting these items in the game.

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