Double Action Revolver Challenge GTA

Double Action Revolver Challenge GTA

We know that GTA 5 loves to engage people in various challenges and the Double Action Revolver challenge is one of them. This weapon is basically featured in the Red Dead Redemption game produced by Rockstar and in this challenge, one has to use the Double Action Revolver to headshot 50 people in the game and in return, a prize of $250,000 will be rewarded to him. In other words, the players have to take down 50 people by shooting in their heads using the Double Action Revolver weapon during this challenge.

Easy ways to complete the Headshot Challenge 

Kill enemies in the Survival game mode

Start the Survival Mode in GTA 5. After you do this, gather as much of your enemies as you can to fight with them. When the number is prominently significant, get ready to complete the challenge. Get the gun in your hands and start shooting at their heads., this won’t be a problem in such a large number of people and we expect that you must really have become at shooting enemies since you have come this far in the game. After every ten headshots, GTA will remind you of the remaining number and the progress can also be checked from the Pause Menu, in the Stats and ultimately the Weapons menu. 

Take down the cops

When you go robbing different places like shops and malls, you might have noticed that a large number of cops surround you from each side. Doesn’t it seem like an opportunity? Yes, all your targets come to you on their feet and it becomes easier for you to get your 50 headshots. The first step you should do is to rob a shop. The clerks and other staff will gather at a corner and after a two or three star wanted level pops up, the police members will surround you. Take your revolver out and target their heads until you complete the challenge. No need to be afraid of the consequences as all that matters is you getting the $250,000.

Pedestrians are easy to kill

The best and easiest way so far to complete the Headshot Challenge is by killing the Non-Playable Characters in the game. For this, the best approach is finding the areas which are always crowded with people like walk of fame, airport, and many other such areas. When you get the right opportunity, start shooting them all, aiming at their heads. Nobody is going to stop you until the cops start to surround you. By that time, you probably will have killed them all and finished the challenge in a style already. 

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