Denise GTA SA

Denise GTA SA

Denise Robinson GTA San Andreas

Denise Robinson is a female character in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game who has been given a minor role in this sport and makes appearance in only one mission, named ‘Burning Desire’ in GTA San Andreas. She holds American nationality and was born in Ganton Courts in Ganton, Los Santos. Denise later shifted near to her first place of residence, where she had three children, but she left her kids to be raised in the foster care department. As per players’ choice, Denise Robinson can be killed in the game, and her date of death will be 1992. 

How can I impress Denise in GTA San Andreas?

There are a total of six girlfriends in GTA San Andreas whom the main character Carl Johnson can date and Denise Robinson is the first one of them. There are some requirements to make each of the character’s girlfriends happy. In the case of Denise, she is a simple woman and does not have many requirements. Players only have to take her to her favorite places for dates which are the Cluckin' Bell, The Well Stacked Pizza Co., and Ten Green Bottles restaurants if you opt for going on a food date, and Alhambra club and  Red County or Flint County areas if you are to go on a dancing or driving date respectively.

Is Denise from GTA 5 the same Denise From San Andreas?

While it is not clearly mentioned in GTA V that the Denise in that game is the Denise Robinson from GTA San Andreas, there is much evidence which leads to the idea that this myth is true. As we know that Carl Johnson left the criminal life and went to settle somewhere else, it is quite possible that Denise felt betrayed and started to hate men and is the reason she does not trust men even in GTA 5. Her age also matches the one in that of GTA San Andreas, as she has become quite old in the recent game. 

How do you keep Denise happy in San Andreas?

To make Denise Robinson happy in GTA San Andreas, you will have to take her places like you will do in the case of all other girlfriends of Carl Johnson. You should have a walk with her around the streets if that makes her happy. However, Denise Robinson has the least requirements to be satisfied unlike other girls. There are some restaurants which she likes, so you can take her for a date there. For a walk, her favorite areas are Red County and Flint County.

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