Cyberpunk Vs GTA 5

Cyberpunk vs GTA 5

Both the Cyberpunk and the Grand Theft Auto V games are quite similar when it comes to their gameplay, since both these games allow open world gameplay which means that the players can roam around freely having the liberty to perform any action they like. The players will even be able to do illegal jobs or perform unlawful acts, which can never be permitted to do in real life. This is what makes these games unique and more interesting to play than many other games available today.

If we debate about which game out of these two is better, you should be certain that none of them is less than the other and hence the comparison becomes more and more complicated everytime we do it. It is due to the reason that the Cyberpunk wins in some features, while the GTA 5 does in others. The detailed comparison between both these extraordinary sports, having millions of fans worldwide, has been given here.

Comparison between Cyberpunk and GTA 5

The features of both the games as compared with each other are:

The Map

Cyberpunk has been released a few years ago unlike GTA 5, which was released in 2013. Till this time GTA 5 has got a lot of improvements in its map and every other aspect. Los Santos, therefore, gets improved day by day. There is no doubt that this city is developed beautifully and no less than a fictional wonder, but the Night City from the Cyberpunk game is built on another level. The map of this game is hence better than that of GTA 5, and is expected to improve in the coming months. However, when talking about details, it is evident that Los Santos has been gifted with more detailed setup than the Night City.

Overall Gameplay

The gameplay of GTA 5 is quite impressive, allowing players to play the game in both the first and the third person modes. Moreover, one can buy as many vehicles as he wants or even steal them, after which he can enjoy the safe and smooth driving experience. A wide range of different weapons starting from a minigun and ending at different kinds of launchers can be owned by the players and used as per their desire. Entering in the Director Mode, buying and investing in different businesses, earning money through distinct jobs and other methods, presence of in-game websites, workshops and the presence of cheat codes are other interesting features of GTA 5.

Cyberpunk also puts forward a lot of compelling features, but we believe that these are less convincing than those of GTA 5. This game only lets the players play only from the first person perspective and faces slightly more issues related to bugs. But the game has an open world gameplay and gives the players liberty to live in the Night City, offers a wide range of weapons and has addition of many minute details too.

Street Fights

The credit of better street fights goes to Cyberpunk, as it has introduced a large number of great styles and actions for combat. The game allows usage of different guns, lets the players hack their enemies, and do much more stuff. However, when talking about car fights, no game matches GTA 5. Everybody knows how much importance is given to the extraordinary vehicles in the game and they have been designed for every kind of use. So, Cyberpunk may win when talking about person to person fights, but GTA 5 does not let anyone come near when the case is as mentioned here.  


Both the games have very unique storylines and this is one of the main reasons for their fame. However, those who have played all the previous parts of GTA series and are now playing GTA 5 know that GTA 5 has a story with a much deeper and older background, starting from different thugs living their torturing lives and now has come a long way to reach Trevor Philips, Michael de Santa, and Franklin Clinton. Cyberpunk, on the other hand, does not have a very strong background story. Moreover, if we talk about GTA 5 only, each coming mission holds a strong explanation for the previous one and hence the story proceeds in style, which is very unlikely to Cyberpunk. 

Switching Characters

It’s just a couple of years after Cyberpunk’s release and we are getting into the thought that it would be better if we could play the game from different perspectives too. Imagine playing it for some more time, won’t we get bored after playing the same main character again and again? In this case, the Grand Theft Auto V game is much better, as it consists of three main playable characters and the players are free to choose any of them. Many missions can be performed by any of them, however, some certain missions are specified for a single character only. This brings diversity to the game and it can be played for a much longer time than the Cyberpunk game.

Online Multiplayer Game

After completing each and every aspect of the story mode, GTA 5 players have the facility to go for playing the GTA Online game. This online version of GTA 5 allows the players to play with each other, or in simpler words, this version is the online multiplayer of the original game. However, there are many changings in the two: different missions have been added, there is a slight change of number and presence of vehicles in both of them and some other details make them distinct from each other. On the other hand, Cyberpunk does not offer any such feature, and so the players can get bored easily of roaming around and doing the same repeated world in the Night City.

Other Details

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