Coil Raiden

Coil Raiden

Coil Raiden GTA Online

Coil Raiden is a sports car that makes its appearance in the Grand Theft Auto Online game and is available for civilian use. It allows four people to fit inside it and shows very good performance. Coil Raiden possesses awesome speed, even when you start driving and the braking system works quite well so you don’t have to worry about sudden stops too. The acceleration is really great and one can handle the vehicle easily as it does not lose its grip at times. However, the Raiden is very much vulnerable to damage and can be destroyed by an injury.   

Is the Coil Raiden fast?

The top speed of Coil Raiden in GTA Online is measured precisely by various gamers and it turns out to be 113.25 miles per hour or 182.26 km/h. This figure is very good as compared to many other vehicles in the game and this is the key reason that Coil Raiden can be used in street races in Los Santos. However, the fully upgraded Coil Raiden vehicle possesses the top speed of 128.17 mph and hence the vehicle can be used at places where pace is required, like during missions or getting rid of cops. 

What car is the Coil Raiden in real life?

Coil Raiden has many similarities with the real life Tesla Model S vehicle from the years 2012-2015. Tesla Model S is basically a battery-powered luxury car developed by Tesla in 2012. The top speed of the Model S is 200 mph, however, which is much greater than the speed of its fictional counterpart. The reason behind this change may be the difference between the two worlds in which these cars are residing and hence it is not a problem. 

Can you buy the Coil Raiden?

Yes, Coil Raiden in GTA Online can be bought from the Legendary Motorsport business and it comes with a price of $1,375,000 in the game. After you purchase it, it can be delivered at your doorsteps as per your demand and it can be parked at any of your owned garages. This vehicle, just like many others in GTA Online can be resold, for $825,000. However one can only sell vehicles if he has bought them himself in the game. 

Coil Raiden modification GTA Online

Modification of a vehicle means upgrading its features and making it better for your use. Coil Raiden can be customized at Los Santos Customs and after you go in there for customization, you will get options for improving vehicle’s bumpers, armor, brakes, horns, lights, engine, hoods, respray, mirrors, plates, spoilers, skirts, suspension, and wheels. Customization of the car may cost a lot of money but the new product will surely be worth all the expenditure.

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