Cheetah GTA SA

Cheetah GTA SA

Developed by Grotti, Cheetah is a sports car featured in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game, available for civilian use and allows two people to fit inside it at a time. The vehicle must be quite similar to the players who have played GTA Vice City and GTA III already, since it played a prominent role in the earlier games too. It shows excellent performance when it comes to its acceleration, braking mechanism and grip over the surface, and is much better in these aspects when compared to most of the vehicles of this class. 

How fast is the Grotti Cheetah?

No doubt, Grotti Cheetah is one of the fastest supercars you will encounter in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The car has a top speed of 142.92 mph or 230.00 km/h, which is a very excellent figure. This is the reason Cheetah is used mostly at places where high speed is required like during heists and other missions, in order to get rid of the followers quickly. Better handling and brakes along with its awesome speed make this car unbeatable, especially when it is customized to its fullest.

What is the Cheetah based on GTA?

Grotti Cheetah is based on the real life masterpieces which are Ferrari 512 TR Testarossa and Ferrari 512 M Testarossa and show unbelievable similarities with its real life counterparts. However, these vehicles differ considerably in their top speeds. Ferrari 512 M has a top speed of 315 km/h or 196 mph, which is much greater than the fictional one. But this difference does not matter enough because of the fact that these two vehicles reside in two completely different worlds. The overall performance of both Ferrari and Cheetah, however, are very similar. 

Where can I find a Cheetah in GTA San Andreas?

There are a number of locations where you will be able to find a Grotti Cheetah in GTA San Andreas at. One can simply possess it by stealing or robbing it from clothes, but the main thing is how you get rid of the cops after you do so. Cheetah is also included in the cars required in the Exports and Imports mission, where it has to be delivered at a certain location. The export location of Grotti Cheetah in the game is near a house in Prickle Pine. Other spawn locations of this vehicle are:

  • In the areas where racing tournaments take place. 
  • Rodeo and Market in Los Santos
  • The Strip and Old Venturas Strip in Las Venturas
  • In Paradiso in San Fierro

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