CDinka RT3000

CDinka RT3000

Dinka RT3000 GTA Online

Dinka RT3000 is a sports car that makes its appearance in the Grand Theft Auto Online game and allows two people to ride in it at a time. The vehicle shows very good speed and extraordinary acceleration, which are its strong qualities. The braking mechanism also works perfectly well and you can apply sudden brakes too. However, its drawback is the grip it has with the ground. Dinka RT3000 shows poor grip or traction and hence can start moving in a circular path while taking strong turns. This can take some time for the vehicle to reassemble again and then move in a straight path.

How do I get the Dinka RT3000?

The Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online can be bought from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos business and the price tag on this car is $1,715,000. After you purchase it, the car can be delivered at your desired place as per your demand and one can store this vehicle in any of his owned garages since the Dinka RT3000 car is a civilian vehicle in the game. It can be resold too, but only when someone buys it himself, for the price of $1,029,000, which is almost sixty percent of the original cash you gave to buy it in the first place. 

How fast is the Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online?

The fastest speed of Dinka RT3000 without upgradation in GTA Online is 119.25 mph or 191.91 km/h, and the vehicle can also be used in street races. The speed as mentioned, is quite impressive and the car can be used at places where you require pace, just like during missions or heists, getting rid of police and is obviously useful in touring the city or showing-off your class. But some other drawbacks of the car mask this beautiful feature, and many people recommend not to buy it for use in serious situations.

Dinka RT3000 customization GTA Online

Dinka RT3000 can be customized from Los Santos Customs in San Andreas. Once you go there for customizing the vehicle, you will be given the options to modify vehicle’s bumpers, brakes, armor, exhausts, engine, headlight covers, explosives, grilles, fenders, interior, hoods, horns, mirrors, livery, lights, roofs, plates, respray, spoilers, splitters, sunstrips, suspension, wheels, turbo, transmission, suspension, and windows. Although the upgrading of vehicles cost money, the features become a lot better after doing so. 

What is Dinka RT3000 in real life?

The Dinka RTR3000 in Grand Theft Auto takes its inspiration from the real-life car, the Honda S2000, an open top sports car. Both cars possess many similarities and are identical in many ways. The top speed of the Honda S2000, however, is 149 mph, which is much greater than its fictional counterpart, but this difference does not matter as the worlds in which these two vehicles reside are a lot different from each other.  

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