Bravado Banshee

Bravado Banshee

For every world like that of San Andreas, sports cars are a must to help you explore the whole of it. These vehicles are the best to roam around in an open world gameplay like that of GTA 5 and GTA Online, help you during heists and some other speed-requiring missions, and surely give you a classy look. Most of the sports cars you will get to see in Grand Theft Auto 5 are two-doored and allow only two people to fit in, but vary in their sizes. One of these cars is Bravado Banshee, which is unique in its traits like all other cars featured in the game, and hence the information about it is given below.       

Bravado Banshee GTA 5

GTA players must be well-aware of this car as Bravado Banshee has made its appearance in several other GTA games before too. Designed by Bravado, Banshee has been gifted with even improved characteristics in Grand Theft Auto 5. The speed of the sports car has been increased and it now shows better acceleration and handling, making it useful during missions and many other situations. However, the velocity it possesses is still less than many other sports vehicles in the game. Moreover, due to its heavy bottom, Bravado Banshee is not very good when it comes to grip, and hence can not be considered a better off-road vehicle.  

Bravado Banshee top speed

The top speed of Bravado Banshee as measured in the game is 117.75 mph or 189.50 km/h, to be precise. The speed has been increased than it was in the previous games, but it is still less than many other sports cars. However, with this speed, one can achieve great distances in very less time. So, this vehicle can be used when you are in need of a fast moving vehicle at a limited price. Bravado Banshee can have an extraordinary top speed of 153 mph or 246.23 km/h after it is fully modified, however.

Bravado Banshee price GTA 5

The sports car comes with a price tag of $90,000 in Grand Theft Auto V story mode but if you wish to purchase it in GTA Online, you will have to pay a sum of $105,000. To buy it in GTA Online you will have to visit the Legendary Motorsport online website in the game. For the enhanced version of the vehicle, you can also visit Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA Online. After you use it as per your desire, there is an option to sell Bravado Banshee again, like most of the other cars in the game, for $63,000 at the Los Santos Customs department in Los Santos. 

Bravado Banshee spawn location

One of the best ways to get a car in GTA is to steal it. You can snatch it from other characters, but the main thing is getting rid of the cops after you do it. Following are the locations you will be able to find a Bravado Banshee while playing GTA 5. 

  • Found frequently being driven in the Vinewood Hills and Rockford Hills. 
  • Near Los Santos International Airport, in a garage. You have to get access to the parking lot first to be able to get the car.
  • Can be seen in the parking lot of the Richman Hotel in the city.
  • Near Ponsonbys clothing store in Rockford Hills.
  • Parked at the Pipeline Inn in the Pacific Bluffs neighborhood in Los Santos.
  • You can find one being used at the Del Perro Freeway or Interstate 2 in Downtown Los Santos. 

Bravado Banshee real life

Bravado Banshee has taken its real life inspiration from the 2006 model of the Dodge Viper car. Both these sports cars are similar when it comes to external design and many other characteristics. Just like Viper earned its fame in the 2000s, Bravado Banshee did the same in the gaming world in the very next decade. However, the top speed of Viper recorded is 206 mph which is much more than our in-game fellow. 

Bravado Banshee customization GTA 5

Bravado Banshee can be customized from the Los Santos Customs, Benny's Original Motor Works or from Hao's Special Works in GTA 5 and GTA Online. The car can be customized from any of your owned garages too. While modifying, one can change the car's weapons and add explosives, wheels, brakes, engine, bumpers, add or remove the rooftop, improve exhausts, horns, headlights and many other features.

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