Best Things To Buy In GTA 5 Online

Best things to buy in GTA 5 Online

Things you should buy in GTA 5 Online

Important weapons to buy in GTA Online

Weapons are a must in a world like that of San Andreas where people are always ready for bloodshed in order to gain money. For this purpose, one must surely have some basic weapons with him all the time for his defense and to show his power whenever his enemies are in front of him. A few very important weapons players should equip and must have with them are: 

  • Assault Shotgun (in $1500) 
  • Heavy Sniper (in $9500)
  • Special Carbine (in $12,832)
  • Homing Launcher (in $75,000)
  • A Minigun (in $47,000)

Cars you should purchase in GTA 5 Online

A terrorbyte truck is the players' all time favorite vehicle due to the reason that it is very helpful during criminal activities and can be found at various places in the game. It can also be used for performing different jobs like robbing expensive items, sweeping data and much more. Secondly, a suitable armored vehicle perfectly fits for criminals like Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. Since this world is filled with dangers and it is not known what difficulty awaits us, the armored cars make us all time ready for such situations. However, one should be right in his choice while purchasing the armored car.

Oppressor Mk II is what you surely need

A motorcycle is a basic need for everyone, even when we have unlimited cars. This is due to the fact that bikes can pass through the narrow areas from where cars fail to do. Oppressor Mk II is the modified version of the original Oppressor bike and has the quality to even fly to some extent. This is what makes this vehicle worthy and different from other pieces. It can run as fast as 130 mph with a rocket fit to it. It boosts the speed and works flawlessly even in the air. This is why it is surely recommended to buy an Oppressor Mk II for yourself in the game.

A bunker is what helps you the most

Bunkers are helpful in storing goods which may either be the stolen ones, items you have bought or the ones you collect in order to export for a given price. If you are familiar with the ways which earn you the most money in GTA 5, you'd know that the export and import business is one of them. Stealing goods is not a problem in GTA 5 and when you sell them all, you get a lot of profit in your hands. For example, if you start storing guns in a warehouse and sell them at the right time, or in other words start the Gunrunning business, you can earn many millions per month.

Life is boring without an Arcade 

Arcade is fun for any person who likes to dance or play or do many other things. GTA 5 consists of arcades which are available to the player for buying. We know that in the Diamond Casino Heist, one has to plan the setup in an arcade. So it is advised to buy it at that time, but for overall usage, owning an arcade means that you can play unlimited games, have fun for infinite hours without paying a single penny, and discuss important matters with your friends at a private place.

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